Slick ads say ‘Be part of history’ to vote on a new flag that ….‘represents who we are’. But the history was made this summer when our legislature usurped from us the right of WE THE PEOPLE to choose what will be our state flag voting to cast aside what the PEOPLE had stood behind for over a hundred twenty years!

WHEN did THE PEOPLE decide WE wanted to change our flag? And WHY? I missed that.

But global tech giant Google hinted to the legislature they might locate in Mississippi IF… we took that hideously offensive ‘racist’ confederate symbol off of our state flag.

Of course it wasn’t offensive to Mississippians who last re-endorsed it in statewide referendum by huge majorities not 20 years ago…..only to the socialist, Marxists of Google and their racial hate mongering cohorts in the mainstream media.

Our flag represented Mississippi history….both the good and the bad.

Less than 1% of Mississippians who fought and died in the Civil War ever owned another human being. They fought not for slavery…but for the right to SELF-DETERMINATION albeit with much that was wrong with us. And it is OUR heritage that seeks to preserve that right for us as Mississippians that we remember in our flag that was stolen from us.

Quite honestly, Google, a company that turned down the US Military to instead build an internet system for the Red Chinese military and provide their communist dictators a way to surveile and control every human being in China in tyranny and slavery, while they tyrannically censor here anyone who disagrees with them, is NOT a company I want in Mississippi anyway.

And when the background of the proposed flag actually shows the wholesale forfeiture and surrender of any moral principles existing in our legislature in capitulation to these globalist communists in our politicians’ shameless pursuit of the almighty Dollar, I do not believe THEIR proposed flag ….‘represents who we are’.

WE THE PEOPLE never decided to change our flag. Now they want us to vote THEIRS to replace it!

Maybe we DO want a new flag, but WE need to decide to replace what we had.

Next year a true people’s referendum is coming that will do that.

But now, We must Reject THEIR usurpation of our rights and THEIR flag and what it represents!

Respectfully, J. Bruce Weatherly

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