(Editor’s Note: This episode was shared with me last week and Thanksgiving is a perfect time to count our blessings from God and appreciate those law enforcement officers who help us in times of need. This Facebook post was written by Barnetter Hollins who thanked Mississippi Highway Patrol officer Drew Baker for his help with two flat tires. It was shared with me by Drew Baker’s sister, Candace Thomas. Drew is the son of Mickey and Becky Baker of Pontotoc and a 2015 graduate of Pontotoc High School.)

As we traveled home Saturday night from the Ole Miss v Texas A&M game, an object was in the road on I-55 in Vaiden near Durant causing two tires to blow out. This would not have been a big deal if it was one tire, but two in the middle of the night when everything is closed and a dark highway was a little overwhelming. After calling for assistance, the best thing we could do was find a hotel nearby and spend the night.

Well, we were fortunate to contact the Mississippi Highway Patrol and God sent us an angel. Unfortunately, we live in a world where every time we turn on the news we often see bad stories about police. In all facets of life, there are good and bad people.

I want to share a GOOD story about Trooper Baker with the Mississippi Highway Patrol Troop D. He came to our aid and assured us that he would not leave us on that dark highway alone.

As we waited for the tow truck to arrive, we talked about family, faith, and life in general. By the time the tow truck arrived, the owner had agreed to bring the car to his shop to install the tires we needed. Look at God. Even though, we were delayed a few hours God did not deny us from making it home. Sometimes in life, a DELAY does not mean we are DENIED. Also, for those of you who can share this, we want Trooper Baker to know that his professionalism and commitment to serving others should be commended. Maybe someone out there knows Trooper Baker and we want to personally thank you.

We will also like to thank Dixon’s Towing and Auto Repair in Lexington, MS.

Barnetter Hollins

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