Life began to feel a like more normal this weekend than it has in months. We did the social distancing and keep our group to the recommended gathering number.

We went on our first camping trip of the summer. Packed up the camper, the pontoon boat and the bass boat and headed out to the lake.

The camp sites at the lake we choose were spread apart with only two other campers there. The lake had a no wake zone until after noon for the fishermen and then the kids could ride the tube and the knee board.

We had some first-time knee boarders that took to it like ducks to water.

My poor niece was the one teaching everyone how to knee board, so she would get in the water with them and get them centered and tell them how to pull up on the board.

She would hold onto them until the boat was pulling them out of the water and she would turn them loose leaving her floating by herself in the middle of the lake.

Once the first one got their nerve to do it, there were four others that wanted to learn.

By the time she taught five kids how to knee board, she spent most of one afternoon floating in the lake, but she can be proud she was the one that taught them all.

In the evenings we were entertained by the hide and seek game in the dark when they all were wearing glow sticks around the necks, arms, legs and head.

Fishing in the morning, pulling the kids on the tube and knee board in the afternoon, making smores over a campfire at night and watching the kids play hide and seek in the evenings was the perfect recipe for a great weekend.

It was a no electronic weekend and not one child missed it.

That is the way to make memories.

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