James Randle at Montgomery Drugs said their drug store is doing everything in their power to stem the tide of the COVID-19 virus.

Theirs is a business that has to remain open because of dispensing medicines to the general public. Their first priority is the safety of their customers.

“We are washing our hands every 20 minutes and keeping our distance,” Randle said. “This stays on hard surfaces so we are keeping the counters and doors sanitized. We are also keeping the air circulating.”

He encouraged folks to use the drive through for their orders, but if they need come in to do so. “You can call in your order and we will have it ready for you when you get here,” he noted.

“And we are being vigilant to try to get those customers in and out as quickly as possible. If you have a mask on and are at risk, please wear it,” he advised.

The drug stores have been hit hard with the supply chain just like the general public. “We can’t get alcohol or hand sanitizer,” he said. “So we go wash our hands with soap and water ever so often.”

Randle has read all he can about this disease so he can be as knowledgeable about it as possible.

“Don’t get out if you don’t have to,” he said. “Keep your distance, it has so many different symptoms. You can have a mild case and spread it around.”

Randle said besides isolation, he believes that a number of days of sunshine will help to quash it.

“I think if it will warm up and the sun will come out we will get rid of it.”

In the meantime, Randle said he believes our peak will be over the next week and a half.

“I believe a large number of people will come in contact with this before it is through.”

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