I would venture to guess most of you know what feature I am talking about.

The one thing that lets others on the road know which way you plan to go.

Yes, it is the treasured signal light. It is the indicator that lets those you are meeting know that you are about to turn left in front of them. It is the indicator that lets those that are behind you that the reason you are slowing down is to turn one way or the other.

I am sure people who do not use their signal light is not intend to put others in danger, but that is what you are doing.

I find myself on the country roads with very few people on the road and do not turn on my signal light as I turn into a driveway or at a stop sign when no one else is around.

That is how we develop bad habits, when we are on roads with little traffic and we don’t feel the need to use a signal light when there is no one to signal.

When we develop those bad habits, we then forget to use the signal light when we are in traffic.

I have been waiting at a stop sign to pull out onto a street with oncoming traffic. I don’t want to pull out in front of an oncoming vehicle to realize that they are turning and I could have easily gotten out.

Traffic will flow smoother if we just use a signal indicator.

The signal indicator comes standard on every vehicle. It is located on the left of the steering wheel.

Push up to indicate you are turning right or moving into the right-hand lane.

Push down to indicate you are turning left or moving into the left-hand lane.

This simple feature, if used properly, can make the others on the road with you safer and a lot less frustrated when you turn in front of them.

Safe driving

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