Nostalgia, personal anecdotes, and special meaning are the principles that inspire the mother and daughter duo at Trendy Tree to make each piece of decoration unique.

“When a four-year-old comes in and sees a red, toy firetruck, or looks, in awe, at the candy tree, we’ve done what we set out to do,” said Carrie Martin, who, along with her husband, David, and her mother, Jeannie Pence, owns the shop at 298 Stafford Blvd.

The showroom is an enchanting Christmas landscape. Trees are decorated with inventive and playful themes. The Millennial Tree is decorated with coffee cups, computers, and all the flotsam-and-jetsam of the twenty-something crowd. The Candy Tree is strung with sweet, delectable treats. The Critter Tree has owls and squirrels and foxes—oh my.

The showroom is mostly a hands-on space where customers can pickup and hold some of the thousands of items offered on the Trendy Tree website.

“We want this to be a showcase, where customers can put their hands on items they’ve seen online, and really get a feel for them,” said Pence, who started the business as a side venture, out of her home in the Hurricane community.

Pence is a nurse practitioner, and as she neared retirement, she and her husband, Terry, figured they’d plant a Christmas tree farm. The farm didn’t take off, but the idea of selling specialty Christmas ornaments bloomed, and, thanks to Pence’s intellectual curiosity about computers and building websites, sales took off.

Trendy Tree today has more than 100,000 followers on social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Much of Martin and Pence’s stock is ribbon, garland, and other materials for those in the DIY Christmas culture, folks who like to make wreaths and other original creations. The duo carries premium brands, like D. Stevens, and Craig Bachman. The mother and daughter grew the business to the point they needed a warehouse to process online orders. They also offer more than 400 online videos, for those who want to make their own wreaths or centerpieces.

Martin formerly worked as a registered nurse, and, like her mother, she left that career to run the Trendy Tree. Martin and Pence have a family tradition of making personalized ornaments. Working with designer Rachel Wiygul, and using unique, specially ordered patterns, they create decorations that become lasting memories.

“We’ve included ornaments from things that our kids and grandkids have done throughout the year,” said Pence. “Golf balls, guitars, an episode with seagulls on vacation—we’ve had a lot of fun with ornaments,” she said.

For the past three years the duo has even provided mesh and ribbons for the National Christmas Tree, which each year stands near the White House in Washington, D.C. The Trendy Tree ladies also got a kick out of seeing some of their popcorn garland on an episode of The Young and the Restless.

Like much of their business, those orders came from Trendy Tree’s online presence.

This year, Martin and Pence had some of their newest decorations on display at the Celebration Village, a yearly fundraiser for the Sanctuary Hospice House.

Martin and Pence are excited and grateful for the online orders, but the time-honored feeling of watching children walk through a Christmas wonderland can’t be replaced, they said.

“Seeing people really enjoy our shop, all the pretty decorations and wonderful sense of atmosphere, makes it very special,” said Martin. “That’s what we love about Christmas.”

This Christmas season Trendy Tree will offer custom gift-wrapping, even for items not purchased in the store. Shop in the store or visit

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