Matt Laubham has told us many times that we need multiple levels or ways to get weather alerts when storms are in our area.

Let me tell you, I found out Saturday night, I have multiple levels.

First, I have a dog, and Sadie is faster than Matt at detecting a storm in the area. She is better than any radar.

Saturday evening, Sadie alerted me that a storm was brewing. I looked outside and yes there was a little rain and I heard some thunder, but it was not much of a storm.

I finally got Sadie settled and went back to sleep when my phone went off with a loud alarm. I found the phone and it had a message that we had strong thunderstorm in our area.

This got Sadie all upset, again I get up and look out and, yes there was a thunderstorm going on, but again, I was not really concerned and settled back down and went back to sleep.

I then received the weather alert phone call and again, I get up check out the situation outside and decided I was still OK and once again, got Sadie settled back down and as I was about to drift off to sleep, you guessed it, tornado sirens began to blast.

OK, now you have my attention!

Sadie is shaking and running in circles. I turned on the TV to check with good ole Matt to find out what was going on where.

The second blast of tornado sirens began and I decided it was time to take all these alerts serious.

I could hear vehicles leaving their homes, probably to seek shelter in one of the storm shelters in town as I decided I would weather this out at home.

As I was trying to lay in bed and listen to Matt track the storms I decided I didn’t want to get caught with no plan.

As I considered getting dressed so I would not be blown away in my pajamas I rejected that idea.

I did however locate my purse, rain coat and rain boots and put them in the bathtub. My plan was if things got bad, I would shelter in the bathtub as it was in the center of the house with no windows.

My thought was that if my house was hit I would have a rain coat to cover my pajamas and some rain boots so I could climb out of the rubble. Not sure what I was planning on buying but felt I needed to have my car keys, debit card and what little cash I had with me.

I felt prepared and by the time I got all that done, Matt is telling me that the storm had moved on from our area.

Matt would be so proud, I most definitely have multiple layers of alerts.

If I get blown away, it will be my fault and certainly not Sadie’s as she was the strongest alert I have.

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