I love fall!

I had my favorite helper this weekend, grandson Sawyer, go with me to pick out pumpkins and mums for my house.

To choose the proper pumpkin you must examine every pumpkin for shape, color and size.

Choosing the proper size and shape for carving is an art form in itself according to Sawyer. We must have an idea of how we want to carve the pumpkin to choose the correct one.

The pumpkins that are not going to be carved and are used to decorate can have a variety of sizes and that seemed to be the criteria for picking out those. We need different shapes and colors for the proper décor on the front porch.

I talked him out of buying a hay bale, it is one thing to bring it home and use it for decorations, but then what to do with it when Thanksgiving is over and I have to clean it up.

After finding the perfect pumpkins it was off to buy mums.

I didn’t expect him to have as large of an opinion on mums as he did.

He carefully inspected each mum and would cull out the ones that was not full all the way around.

He wanted to buy the ones that were in full bloom, but the owner at Ecru Garden Center talked to him about the amount of buds were on each plant and that the ones with lots of buds and a few blooms would last longer.

He did a great job explaining plants to an eight-year-old that was determined to choose the correct ones.

He not only picked out all the pumpkins and mums, he helped load them in the truck and unloaded at the house and helped choose placement.

I don’t remember having more fun choosing pumpkins and mums.

Sawyer promised me that he and his dad were coming over to carve the pumpkin for me.

Look forward to carving day.

We are planning a trip to Wise Farms in a couple of weeks and will be taking his little sister on this trip.

Adventures of fall with those we love. I am blessed beyond words.

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