Greetings from the Town Square Museum. 

In last week’s column I wrote about one of Pontotoc’s most interesting citizens, Mr. Max Edmund Palmer, who due to his extraordinary height, became a celebrity.  His recorded height was 7 ft. 7 in.  After high school he played professional basketball for the Rochester Rockets.  After a brief time back in Pontotoc, he moved to the west coast playing on various television shows and the movies in the early fifties.  He later wrestled under the name “Paul Bunyan.”   
In 1963, Mr. Palmer became an evangelist preaching all over the United States calling himself “Goliath for Christ.”  He preached until his death on 1984.  When measured for his coffin, he measured 8 ft. and 2 in. He is buried in the Carey Springs Cemetery.
Mr. Eric Chesley “Pinkie” Caldwell operated a photography shop in Pontotoc for fifty years.  Most readers remember his shop being on North Main.  He took many family photographs, especially babies and children. My parents have all five of our baby pictures in a frame.  Photography has changed so much over the years, but so precious are those professional photographs from the past.
Greg Russell of Thaxton donated a shadowbox containing his complete Thaxton Troop 40 Boy Scout uniform and official Boy Scouts of America handbook.  This troop was very active during the early 197Os. Thank you so much, Greg. Many of you know Greg as a multitalented musician in our area.
Everyone have a safe week. Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones affected by the Covid 19 virus.

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