October is here with cooler fall temperatures. Already the cute little scarecrows are going up. There is one in front of CK Wall’s and one in front of Three Rivers.

That means it’s scarecrow time again. Area businesses, organizations, companies and clubs are invited to begin to make their own scarecrow to brighten up the town throughout the fall.

“This is a wonderful time for any business to get free advertising for a month,” said Ellen Russell, Main Street Director.

But it is not just something for businesses to advertise, but a fun fall project for any school organization or club to step out and show off their creativity or even for a resident to put in front of their house.

“You can be creative, whimsical and imaginative with these,” said Russell.

Residents are cnouraged to use recyclable materials for their scarcrow.

Use plastic bags from the grocery store for the stuffing, use a milk jug or a large square blue coffee jug for the head.

Plastic grocery bags were advised for the stuffing material because it is weather proof.

Hay tends to wilt down after a month outside.

However, if you put the hay into a sealed plastic environment like a large zip lock bag, it can be used.

Another good stuffer for the legs and arms of a scarecrow would be small water bottles. They would not wilt down and you can pack them tight.

You can also use newspaper packed TIGHTLY into a bread bag if you twist the end of the bag and seal it with a twist tie.

If you use cloth material for the heads or faces of their scarecrow should use spray sealant to maintain weather proofing throughout the month they will be on display.

For those who don’t have a store front for their scarecrow, for instance school clubs or organizations, the fun stuffed people would go on the court square.

It is not just the city of Pontotoc that the scarecrows will show up, but the main streets of Sherman and Ecru also,

This is all in preparation  for the annual harvest walk when kiddies from all over the county will converge on the city to get treats from all the stores.

The date of the Harvest Walk will be Tuesday, Ocober 27, 9 a.m.

There are 765 children expected that day.

We invite you to send your scarecrow pictures to us:pontotoc.community @journalinc.com

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