Pontotoc County supervisors finalized plans to ask for five rounds of grant monies to help pay for the 12 new fire trucks that are slated to be delivered in less than six months. The board approved to ask for a total of $330,000 in grant monies. The board approved to give the SAFE house their allocated $1,000 for the fiscal year. The board also approved a resolution to the Mississippi Development authority to get the grant for $103,000 for the access road improvement at American Furniture near Friendship. Pontotoc County Tax Assessor/Collector Van McWhirter said he is still looking into the matter of getting a card machine for the county. “The hold up is I have a problem charging the public up to 3.5 percent more if they use the debit card.” McWhirter first pitched the idea to the supervisors at their August 3 meeting, citing he was getting more and more requests for the machines. The supervisors also signed off on the necessary paper work to pay for the work that was done at the airport. The entire airport has been surveyed and the board now knows exactly what lands it does and does not own. Thursday, November 19 at 1 p.m., supervisors are set to meet with MEMA officials at Three Rivers to discuss getting more community shelters in Pontotoc. Pontotoc County EMA Director Rickey Jaggers said there was more money left from across the state and since “we typically use more of it in this area they are going to come back and offer it to us.” Pontotoc County now has some 40 community shelters in place for those wishing to take refuge from a tornado.


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