We have all heard our grandparents tell stories about how easy we have it. I can hear granddaddy now saying “back in my day we had to walk through three feet of snow for five miles twice a day to go to school”.

It must have snowed a lot more back in my grandparent’s day than it does now or they would have taken a snow day on the one time a year it snowed.

Today we are telling our grandchildren, “back in my day, we had to walk nine feet across a room, through shag carpet to change the channel on TV.

Of course when you got there we had only two channels from which to choose. If you really wanted to put forth the effort, and had at least one more person to help you, you could tune in another channel by going outside and turning the antenna, with your partner yelling “turn a little more, no go back, no back the other way”, until on a clear day, if you were lucky, you could tune in a Memphis channel and watch wrestling on Saturday afternoon.

Our grandchildren will have no concept of our lives much like we have no concept of our grandparent’s lives.

Our grandchildren are growing up in a technology world. When our grandson was about 18 months old, we went out to dinner and once he finished eating he was ready to get down and play. To keep him in his highchair while we finished our meal and visited, his mother gave him her phone. I looked over and had to take the picture of a baby, sitting in a highchair with a passé in his mouth, playing a game on an iPhone.

He is now three years old and thinks all flat screens are a touch screen that he is to be interactive with.

He was watching Mickey Mouse on TV and when Mickey needs help he calls “Oh Toodles” and a screen comes on with four items that could help Mickey. Mickey will ask, “which tool do we need to help us” and Sawyer goes to the TV and taps the screen and tries to swipe, so he can help Mickey with choosing the correct tool.

From our grandparent’s day of walking through three feet of snow, to our day of walking through shag carpet, to our grandchildren having an interactive world, can you image what our grandchildren will be telling their grandchildren. “Back in our day we had to get behind the wheel of an automobile to move from one destination to another”.

You never know.

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