We are seeing many businesses change the way they do business in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

It might feel strange or even inconvenient, but we all need to do our part in slowing the spread.

At the Pontotoc Progress we have closed our lobby like so many other businesses. We are working and will continue to print a paper each week, we will just interact in a different way. If you come to the office we have placed a rack outside on the front steps under the awning that you can drop of things for us.

I have written serval times about the importance of doing business with locally owned businesses. This is a time we need to be sure we support our local businesses.

When this is past us, and it will pass, I hope we have all learned some valuable lessons. I have always believed that with every situation, there will be lessons to learn.

I hope we have all learned that we take so much for granted.

We may be eager to go to church on Sunday and the fellowship of our church family will be ever so sweet as we gather together in our respective houses of worship.

We may be eager to spend time with our families and actually spend time with them and not be in a room with them and on our devises.

We may learn that spending time as a family, playing games and talking to each other have brought us closer together as a family.

We may learn that we are not immune to major disruption in our normal daily lives.

We may learn that our jobs mean more to us than we ever imagined. We may learn that our employers really do care about their workers and will remember how they took care of their workforce during this time.

We may learn that we can do business differently and succeed.

The one thing I know, Pontotoc City and County have great people living and working here and we will pull together when its needed and support each other, even if it is from six feet away and take care of each other.

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