Anyone that has ever been around a two year old knows the joy of listening to them talk. The way they relate to the world as they are learning the English language.

They listen to every word we say and try to incorporate it into their word library.

What we must realize is they repeat these words and some words or phrases should not be repeated.

I encountered such a repeating of words that should have never been spoken by my sweet, innocent granddaughter.

I know without a shadow of a doubt those words have never been spoken in my house.

I am pretty sure they have never been spoken in her parents house. Well, I’m sure my son would have never said those words, but my daughter-in-law might have in her past, but I believe she has put that part of her life behind her in her.

As I was thinking of where Millie could have picked up such a phrase, it occurred to me that not only had she heard someone say those words, but most likely that person encouraged and taught Millie to say it as well.

Yes, the other grandmother, who I will not name as I do not want anyone to think badly of her. She cannot change her ways and I do not fault her for that.

I just can’t believe she would try to push things like this onto our granddaughter.

My grandchildren were at my house to spend the night with me and Millie was playing with a toy in the floor, from out of nowhere these two words came out of her mouth.

I stopped in my tracks as to comprehend what I had just heard. Surely my innocent little granddaughter could not know these words much less speak them.

But alas my grandson Sawyer, who would not say those words, looked up at me in disbelief and confirmed that he had heard it to.

Yes, indeed the phrase HOTTY TODDY came out of that precious, innocent, sweet, little girl.

But this grandmother will not sit on the sidelines quietly, I will remedy this situation.

I have always considered the other grandmother a friend and have always enjoyed our time when together, after all we share grandchildren and she is the mother of my daughter-in-law who I love and adore.

But rest assured Sawyer already knows how to say HAIL STATE and Millie is on her way to learning to say it as well.

Millie the proper phrase is HAIL STATE!

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