At a recessed board meeting last week Pontotoc Aldermen unanimously approved a motion awarding a sewer rehab project to Suncoast Infrastructure, Inc., of Florence, Alabama. 

Aldermen accepted Suncoast's low and best bid of $229,100 for the sewer line refurbishing project. Six companies bid on the project.

Back in December 2019 the city received a $400,000 grant for much needed repairs to city sewer lines. The city originally applied for the grant  back in May 2019. 

Pontotoc Mayor Bob Peeples said Suncoast will utilize new technology to repair the sewer lines. 

"This new technology relines the old pipe with a sleeve process and will not require a lot of digging," Peeples said. "We'll get more repairs done for our money spent. We told them we want to start the work as soon as possible.

In another new business matter aldermen approved a motion to commit $100,000 to help secure  a Three Rivers Planning and Development Elevated Tank Project in the county industrial park located on Cherry Creek Road.

Mayor Peeples said it's a joint effort with the county, which owns the industrial park property with Three Rivers. 

"The city and county are putting up $100,000 each and Three Rivers has secured a $2-million grant for the water tank project," Peeples said. 

"It's a 300,000 gallon water tank and this is the first step toward getting the project bid through the county."

"The water storage tank may help with the city's insurance rating, it will certainly help with fire projection and the city will benefit through the sale of water to industries which will hopefully locate out there."

In another new business matter the board voted to renew a dirt pit contract with Rodney Crawford. 

"It's a $2,000 contract which runs May to May and we have unlimited dirt from the pit," Peeples said. 

Aldermen also approved two motions to amend the FY2020 budget, including:

-in the amount of a $32,830.08 increase for the Modernization Tax received on January 21, 2020;

-in the amount of $400,000 for Pontotoc Sewer System improvements  grant received on February 18, 2020. 

"The $32,830 is from state internet sales tax diversion and the $400,000 is from the sewer project grant," Peeples said. 

The board also approved an emergency gas line re-routing because it was recently learned that a house was built years ago on top of a city gas line. 

"We're taking bids to re-locate the gas line because it's a high pressure gas line and it's the only way to remedy the situation," Peeples said. 

Aldermen also approved a payment for work completed on the Behold Washington building in the amount of $255,993.60.

"The city obtained a CDBG to pay for the roof repair project and Behold Washington is repaying the money through a lease agreement with the city," Peeples said. "This is a roof on the former NC Wood Products building."

Aldermen also approved two pay increases, including: William Duke up to $20.44 effective immediately and Kristen Washington up to $20.44 effective June 29. 

Aldermen also approved one consent agenda item: authorize water adjustments. 

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