At last week's meeting Pontotoc Aldermen renewed another year's contract with NaviRetail to recruit retail businesses to Pontotoc.

Pontotoc native Casey Kidd is CEO of NaviRetail.

"This is the city's fourth year to utilize NaviRetail and this partnership has been beneficial in recruiting two new restaurants and we have several hotels and developers interested in Pontotoc, " said Pontotoc Mayor Bob Peeples. "The frontage road along Highway 278 is open and it's going to be an asset for business recruitment also."

In other business aldermen announced they have two resumes in consideration for appointment to a five years term on the Pontotoc City School Board of Trustees. Potential school board members under consideration include incumbent board member Gary Golden and retired longtime D.T. Cox Elementary School principal Phyllis High.

Mayor Peeples said the board is expected to make their final selection at the January 19 board meeting. The new school board term begins March 1.

Pontotoc Aldermen also approved the promotion of Pontotoc Police Officer Tamika Betts to the rank of Patrol Sergeant Supervisor, effective January 18, 2021 at a rate of $21.23 per hour.

"Sgt. Betts' qualifications include a degree in law enforcement and experience with proven performance," Mayor Peeples said. "She's done a great job."

Aldermen approved two other motions regarding police department personnel, including: the hiring of Cameron Tallent as a full time patrol officer effective Feb. 2, 2021, at the hourly rate of $18.77; and the hiring of Michael Coxey and Jason Myers at the hourly rate of $12.00 for part-time, as needed patrol officers.

The board approved the Pontotoc Chamber of Commerce to renew the yearly contract with F-5 Sweepers in the amount of $9,840.00. Main Street is to be swept once a week and Oxford Street once a month.

Three other motions were passed regarding the chamber of commerce including: funding of $1,493.75 for the over-seeing of city events and the chamber's annual funding in the amount of $50,000 from the FY21 tourism budget; and the funding of $7,200 out of tourism for a mural at the First Choice Gateway.

Aldermen approved the reappointment of Kenneth Pruitt to the Pontotoc Housing Authority Board for a five year term.

The board also reached an agreement with a billboard company whereby four billboards will be removed from Highway 6 east and replaced with a digital billboard on the reverse side of the existing digital billboard on Highway 15 north.

Aldermen also approved the final payments for the Highway 278 frontage road, including: a payment of $56,219.00 to M&N Excavators Inc.; final ARC request for cash; final SMLP request for cash; and all ARC and SMLPC close out pages, including an invoice to Three Rivers Planning District for $3,000.

Consent agenda items approved included:

-October 2020 payroll for $481,709.02;

-water adjustments;

-natural gas rates effective January 1, 2021 at a rate of $7.46 based on and O&M of $4.00 and a PGA of $3.46.

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