On Thursday night, November 14, the week of Veterans Day, the Pontotoc County Historical Society will present a program honoring World War II veterans from Pontotoc County. Pontotoc was well represented during the war with soldiers and sailors participating in every major campaign and battle.

Historical Society Vice-President Bob McGee explained that the society solicited information about veterans of the war almost 20 years ago, and the response was almost overwhelming. Many dozens of information forms were completed and submitted to the Society by veterans and family members of veterans. Many included pictures and other memorabilia from the war years.

"The Society has cared for these materials for years and now would like for more people to be aware of what an amazing contribution was made to the war effort by local families,” McGee said.

The November 14 WWII program will feature the stories of young men and women including background information and pictures.

“When you research the materials maintained at the Museum in Pontotoc, you find a treasure trove of the history of the war and our citizens' involvement in it,” McGee noted. "We had young folks involved in every aspect of the war, many of whom were performing heroic acts under the most dangerous of conditions,.”

“Pontotoc was represented at Pearl Harbor at the beginning of the war and at Tinian Island, from which the atomic bomb mission was launched to end the war. It really is incredible that one mostly rural county contributed so much to the war effort.”

The program is scheduled for Thursday, November 14 at 6:00pm at the Pontotoc Community House. Admission is free and you do not have to be a member of the Society in order to attend.

Additional WWII

Veteran info, pics

being sought

McGee added that the Pontotoc County Historical Society is soliciting additional information about WWII veterans with strong ties to Pontotoc County.

Pictures, war memorabilia, description of service, and other relevant information is being sought. Donated materials will be preserved in the Veterans Room of the Pontotoc Museum.

"A limited number of veteran stories will be included in the Society's Veteran's Day program on November 14. Please bring materials to the Town Square Museum located in the downtown post office in Pontotoc or mail them to: Town Square Post Office and Museum/ 59 South Main Street/ Pontotoc, MS 38863."

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