With very little discussion the Pontotoc County Board of Supervisors approved a $26,827,553 budget for the coming fiscal year which will begin on October 1.

The new budget reflects a $2,965,677 increase over last year.

“The good news is there is no increase in taxes,” said Chancery Clerk Ricky Ferguson. “And if the budget works like it should, we will finish the year in the green. Our biggest increase is the retirement fund went from 15.2 to 17.4 percent.”

Board president Mike McGregor said when the state auditors came last week they were singing Pontotoc County’s praises so to speak.

“They said our county is in better shape than it was five years ago.”

Ferguson noted that with the last visit, “we had just a hand full of findings that we can solve easily with just communication and document filing.” He sighed contentedly.

“I’m glad we are to the point that it is just these small things. We are on the verge of being completely caught up with our audit and that will help us with getting grants.

“We are already getting smaller grants and now we can go back and get larger grants.”

With all this said, the budget was approved for the coming year. 

The following monies have been approved to be spent in the following departments, these totals include all of the employees who work under these department heads.

Regular budget

General County funds include: Board of Supervisors, $2,388,300; Chancery Clerk, $253,285; Circuit Clerk, $221,600; Tax Assessor, $372,500; Tax Collector, $284,500; Financial administration, $257,600; Purchasing, $67,700; Inventory, $58,330; Receiving, $76,690

Board Attorney, $40,900; Superintendent of Education, $3,500; Maintenance, $611,800; Veteran Service, $37,800; Chancery Court, $106,140; Circuit Court, $207,725; Juvenile Court, $135,400; Lunacy Court, $14,000; Justice Court, $326,220;

Coroner, $109,200; District Attorney, $5,400; County Attorney, $55,700; Public Defender, $85,000; Elections, $189,973; Sheriff, $1,567,100;

Juvenile Detention Center, $15,000; Imprisonment, $1,368,000; Drug and Alcohol, $64,700; Narcotic Officer, $63,100; Litter Control, $70,820;

Rails to Trails, $37,000; Cops in School, $155,140; Crime Stoppers of N MS, $3,500; Cops, $195,550; Volunteer Firemen, $24,000; National Guard Armory, $6,000; Constables, $167,600; Emergency Management, $77,705; Animal Control; $50,300; Airport, $10,000; Public Health, $135,000; Ms Burn Center, $2,000; EMS, $40,000; Region 3, $33,400; Mental Illness Region IV, $7,500;  Safe House, $1,200; Red Cross, $5,000; Regional Rehab, $5,000;

Welfare Administration, $22,325; General Assistance, $6,000; Human Resources, $8,580; LIFT, $5,500; Foster Child Care, $6,000; Family Child Services, $23,500; Libraries, $500; Fair Association, $16,000;

Sports Plex, $100,000; Historical Museum, $12,500; Soil Conservation, $48,120; County Extension, $80,000;  Agri-Center, $108,800.

The regular budget came in at $10,451,703 which is some $556,477 more than last year.

Extra fund monies

Extra fund monies budgeted, these are monies that come into the budget from other sources and are simply paid through the county include: Chancery Archive, $2,550; Circuit Archive, $550; Economic Development, $15,000; Libraries, $216,000; Reappraisal, $175,000; Emergency 911, $676,250; Airport, $18,500; Industrial Park, $130,000; Ambulance Services, $237,500; Law Library, $11,000; Fire Department, $411,500; Hurricane Fire Dept. $3,500; Trace State Park, $993,600; County Wide Road Maintenance, $2,505,000; District 1, $782,000; District 2, $754,500; District 3, $671,900; District 4, $671,500; District 5, $755,000;  District 4&5 joint account, $12,600; County Wide Bridge and Maintenance Fund, $1,000,000; District 1 B&M, $500,000; District 2 B&M, $482,500; District 3 B&M, $260,000; District 4 B&M, $315,000; District 5 B&M, $318,900; State Engineer, $175,000; Drug Assessment, $90,000 and Jail Bond, $313,000;

PUL Alliance, $836,000; Pontotoc Industrial Development, $66,500; Pride Mobility, $160,000; Pontotoc Fair Association, $13,000; Airport Hangar Project, $586,500; FCS Bid fund, $44,000; Solid Waste, $1,572,000; Toyota In Lieu, $600,000.

The extra fund monies total $16,375,850 with are $2,409,200 more than last year.

The county fiscal budget will begin Tuesday, October 1 and will run through September 30, 2020.

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