March’s 2021 labor market data from the Mississippi Employment Security Commission showed Pontotoc County’s unemployment rate at 6.4 percent, which ranks thirty-fourth among jobless rates in Mississippi’s 82 counties.

The March 2021 report showed that Pontotoc County’s total labor force was set at 15,030, an increase of 120 over February but a decrease of 90 since March 2020.

Pontotoc County’s March 2021 unemployment rate of 6.4 percent is an increase of 1.8% over February 2021 and an increase of 1.4 percent over March a year ago.

In Pontotoc County in March 2021, the number of employed persons was set at 14,070, a decrease of 160 from the previous month and a decrease of 290 from March 2020.

In March 2021 the number of unemployed persons in Pontotoc County was set at 960, an increase of 280 over February and an increase of 200 over March a year ago.

A past five years’ comparison of March’s unemployment rates in Pontotoc County showed:

-6.4% for 2021;

-5.0% for 2020;

-4.1% for 2019;

-3.6% for 2018;

-3.9% for 2017;

-4.6% for 2016.

Rates for March 2021 in the eight Three Rivers Planning and Development District counties showed:

-Union at 5.5 percent;

-Pontotoc at 6.4 percent;

-Itawamba at 5.1 percent;

-Lee at 5.6 percent;

-Lafayette at 4.5 percent;

-Calhoun at 6.7 percent;

-Chickasaw at 8.0 percent;

And Monroe at 6.1 percent.

Seasonally Adjusted

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for March 2021 at 6.3 percent was unchanged over the month. The rate increased three-tenths of a percentage point when compared to the March 2020 rate. The Nation’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate at 6.0 percent decreased two-tenths of a percent- age point over the month but increased 1.6 percentage points from the one year ago rate of 4.4 percent.

According to the seasonally adjusted results from a survey of Mississippi employers, the number of nonfarm jobs in March 2021 increased 3,400 over the month to 1,122,700. Over the year the number of nonfarm jobs decreased by 33,800. Industry sectors registering the largest over the year decrease in jobs were Leisure & Hospitality; Government; and Education & Health Services.

Seasonally adjusted data removes the effects of events that follow a more or less regular pattern each year such as the influences of weather, holidays, the opening and closing of schools, and other recur- ring seasonal events. These adjustments make it easier to observe the cyclical and other non-seasonal movements in a data series. Amounts are seasonally adjusted at the National and State levels only.


Mississippi’s not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for March 2021 was 6.3 percent, an increase of two-tenths of a percentage point over the month and one-tenth of a percentage point over the year. The estimated number of unemployed increased 1,900 over the month, while the employed total de- creased 4,500 from the prior month. The Nation’s not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for March 2021 at 6.2 percent decreased four-tenths of a percentage point over the month but increased 1.7 percentages point over the year.

Mississippi’s not seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment increased 5,500 over the month to 1,118,900. When compared to one year ago the number of nonfarm jobs decreased 34,100. Industry sectors regis- tering the largest monthly employment gains were Professional & Business Services, and Construction.

For the month of March 2021, thirty-three counties in Mississippi posted unemployment rates less than or equal to the state’s rate of 6.3 percent. Rankin County posted the lowest unemployment rate for the month of March at 3.9 percent followed by Lafayette and Lamar Counties at 4.5 percent. Jef- ferson County had the highest unemployment rate for March at 16.7 percent followed by Humphreys County at 14.0 percent.

Mississippi’s 10 counties with the lowest unemployment rates for the month of March 2021 included:

-Rankin at 4.1%;

-Lafayette at 4.5%;

-Lamar at 4.5%;

-DeSoto at 4.6%;

-Madison at 4.8%;

-Smith at 4.8%;

-Scott at 5.0%;

-Itawamba at 5.1%;

-Tishomingo at 5.1%;

-Choctaw at 5.3%.

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