The customers with Pontotoc Electric Power Association should be checking their mailboxes carefully for the Today in Mississippi magazine because it has a broadband survey with some 20 questions that needs to be filled out and returned in the postage paid envelope by the first of March.

PEPA Director Chuck Howell said the questions will be simple multi-choice type questions. He said it is most important that you put your address on the outside of the envelop when you return them.

“This will give us a feel of who does and who doesn’t have broadband,” he explained.

Meantime, two different public meetings will be held in Pontotoc. The first will be this Saturday with PSC Commissioner Brandon Presley this Saturday, January 18, 1 p.m. in the Pontotoc County Chancery Courtroom located on the square.

Pontotoc Electric Power Association will held up the other meeting, which will be held Thursday, January 30, 6:30 p.m. in the Pontotoc Jr. High Auditorium.

The PEPA management team will provide facts and information about the costs, benefits and obstacles associated with providing broadband internet service in the area that is serviced by the utility. There will also be a question and answer session for those in attendance. Additional meetings will be held in Ingomar and Bruce.

“These meetings are to inform the public on what we are doing and to encourage folks to get the surveys filled out,” Howell noted. “We want as many of these as we can to tell us what the interest is.”

That means if you are wanting broadband in your area it is most imperative that you fill these out and get them back to the EPA.

Howell explained that the feasibility study that is done will require the company that is hired to look at the maps, determine where other companies that offer the same service are located among other things. 

Now after this process the board of directors will decide if they want to proceed, and if so TVA will have to do a financial analysis on it because they regulate rates and finances.

“And if all these is approved, we will have to set the subsidiary company up to begin.”

But in the short term, make sure you come to the meeting, talk with officials and fill out that questionnaire.

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