Hello again from NMMC-ECF Pontotoc. Last week was one of the busiest we will have besides the week of Christmas. Everyone appeared to have a blast and lots of children left here with a smile on their face. On Monday we spent most of the day preparing for the children to arrive on Tuesday.  Lots of candy was opened and put in bowls awaiting their arrival.

  On Tuesday, we hosted around 23 classes of kindergarten students and our local Head start as well.  My oh my what a day it was. I do believe the residents may have enjoyed it more than the children. Thanks to all our local schools for bringing their children by to see us. Thanks to our entire staff for helping with this event, it was a group effort without a doubt. As the children got their candy, you heard lots of thank yous. Somebody somewhere is doing something right. Of course, my favorite teacher to come through was my sister, Penny Spears. If you don’t know her, you must not be from Pontotoc. She’s just one of the many teachers that loves your kids like her own and remembers each and every one of them. She’s also the one who directs traffic in the mornings at the elementary school and talks to everybody that rolls through.

   On Wednesday morning we attempted to recuperate from the day before. That afternoon we did enjoy a simple game of Bingo. On Thursday morning we had surprise visit from Elsa, Ana, and Olaf, provided by Encompass Hospice.   As soon as they left we began to prepare for our Halloween party and costume contest. Thanks to all the staff who assisted with this. All the costumes were fantastic, but Mr. JC Aaron, the Indian was the winner with Ms. Billie Jean Sewell, the spider a close runner up. Our annual pumpkin decorating contest winners were also announced, the Tin Man made by the hospital nursing staff was the winner, the peacock made by the nursing home administration department was second, the HIPPA pumpkins were third, and Bozo the Clown finished out fourth provided by the nursing home activity department. Thanks to everyone who participated.

   On Friday some of our auxiliary members were here to assist with the weekly juice cart. Thankful for them and all they do for our facility. Later that afternoon Bro. Howell and Bro. Williamson was back with his entire crew, proud to have them back. Thanks to Thaxton Baptist Church for our Sunday morning service and Chesterville Calvary for providing our monthly birthday party. We wish you a safe and productive week. Until next time…

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