Pontotoc County voters went to the polls last Tuesday to vote in party primaries for the Democratic and Republican parties.

The President, Senators and Congressmen from the first congressional district were on the ballot.

While many in the Democratic Party had already dropped out of the race, only three are still in the running, because the ballots were already set, all names of those who qualified were still on the ballot.  

The three main contenders, former vice-President Joe Biden receive 954 votes, Bernie Sanders received 221 votes and Tulsi Gobbard received 11 votes. 

However, those who have already gone home from the races also received votes and they include: Michael Bloomberg with 38, Pete Buttigieg, 8; Amy Klobuchar, 3; Deval Patrick, 2; Tom Steyer, 4; Elizabeth Warren, 8; and Andrew Yang 2. 

In the senate democrat race Tobey Bartee received 64 votes, Jensen Bohren, 70 and Mike Espy 1,087.

In the Republican presidential race Rocky De La Fuente received 11 votes, President Donald J. Trump received 3,373 votes and Bill Weld received 14 votes.

In Republican senate race Cindy Hyde-Smith was unopposed, and she received 3554 votes while Republican Congressman Trent Kelly, also unopposed, received 3,607 votes.

In district wide voting, Espy won the democratic nomination for the senate seat.  He, Hyde-Smith and libertarian candidate Jimmy Edwards will be on the November general election ballot. The presidential ballot is yet to be set with primaries still on going across the nation. In the Democratic national delegate count, a Presidential candidate must have 1,991 delegates to win the nomination with 3,979 available. Joe Biden has 860, Bernie Sanders has 710 and Tulsi Gabbard has 2.

In the republican race a candidate must have 1,276 delegates to win the nomination, with 2,550 available. President Donald Trump has 1,104 and Bill Weld has 1.

These totals reflect all the absentee ballots. There were 20 affidavit ballots not counted into the totals.

The general election will be held Tuesday, November 3.

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