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Potential flooded roads are closing schools early

Citing potential flooding on roads the Pontotoc county Schools, both north and South will dismiss at 2 p.m. today. Student will be home a full hour earlier than normal, so please adjust your schedule.

Across the city of Pontotoc, Pontotoc Mayor Bob Peeples said Wednesday morning that no streets have been closed because of the excessive rainfall in recent days. 

“Right now we don’t have any major problems, but we have constantly been working to clear culverts and drains which are being stopped up from debris,” Peeples said. “Potholes are a big problem because of all the rain and we can’t repair those properly until all the water has dried up.”

In the county First District supervisor Wayne Stokes said he has had no flooding issues. “We are constantly checking and everything seems to be running smoothly right now.” [As of just before noon on Wednesday.]

Second district supervisor said all of his roads are in good shape, “we had two roads under water on Monday night, but got those cleared out.”

In the third district Brad Ward said he has had some coverts o be pushed up because of the water. “We can’t do repairs until the rain has passed, so if you see flags on the road please be cautious,” he advised.

District four supervisor Ernie Wright said he is keeping an eye on the Belden-Endville road because of flooding issues. “Water did come over the road a couple of days ago, and I have cones out for caution. I’d advise folks to take Chesterville Road or Old Highway 9 or New 9 until the weather settles down. If you must travel Belden-Endville please slow down and be careful.” Wright said the Twin Lakes Road is closed for the duration of the flooding time.

Down in District five Dan McKnight said the culvert has tased out on Wicker road so drivers should be cautious there. “Also Old Monroe Road West and the county line road at Chickasaw County also has flooding issues. The Troy Shannon Road is also flooding. At each of the places folks should be cautious there are flags up in the road.”

Supervisors said going forward if there are flags or orange cones up drives should be cautious and if the road is blocked drivers should NOT travel down them.

“We have things in place to keep you safe,” said supervisor board president Stokes.

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