Qualifying continues for the 2021 municipal elections with the deadline a little more than three weeks away at Friday, February 5.

Those qualifying thus in Ecru are incumbent Jeff Smith for mayor as a Republican. The only alderman qualifying thus far in the town is Joey Tharp as a Republican.

At Thaxton long time mayor Johnny Coleman is not seeking the position. Qualifying as Independents for aldermen thus far are Kim Hooker Gilliam and Grant Gooch.

In Pontotoc City Incumbent Bob Peeples qualified as Republican for mayor. David White has qualified as a Republican for Alderman at Large; ward 1 incumbent Lena Chew has qualified as a Democrat; In ward 2 Jimma Smith has qualified as a Republican; ward 3 incumbent D. R. Simmons has qualified as a Republican and challenger Joe DiDonna has also qualified as a Republican; in Ward 4 incumbent Rayburn Mapp has qualified as a Republican.

The primary elections will be held on Tuesday, April 6, with any runoffs set three weeks later on April 27. The general election will be held on Tuesday, June 8.

Pontotoc County has six municipalities which include: Pontotoc, Ecru, Sherman, Toccopola, Algoma and Thaxton. Pontotoc has four wards and one alderman at large. In the other five municipalities, there are no wards, all candidates qualify in general from their township.

Election officials noted that this year the qualifying time is one month shorter than in years past.

If you are seeking office you can qualify with a political party or as an independent.

If you qualify with a party, you will be in the April Primary elections and independent candidates will only be in the June general election.

Party candidates qualify by submitting a statement of intent for party nomination with a $10 qualifying fee to the city or town hall of the municipality in which you are running by Friday, February 5, 5 p.m.

If you wish to qualify as an independent you must go to the town hall and get a qualifying petition and get it signed by at least 50 registered voters from the municipality or the ward in which you are seeking office if it contains more than 1,000 residents. For wards or municipalities that have fewer than 1,000 residents only 15 are required for your petition. This has to be filed with a Qualifying Statement of Intent for an Independent Candidate by Friday, February 5, 5 p.m.

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