Boots and umbrellas have been all the rage this past year especially with the rain fall totals of February of 2019. Little eight year old Hailey Criddle is enjoying a moment in the green grass with her boots, raincoat and her mama’s umbrella. She is the daughter of Justin and Tonya Criddle of Algoma. Pontotoc had more than 73 inches of rain last year.

Longfellow once wrote “Into each life some rain must fall,” and here in Pontotoc, while we racked up a little less rain last year than 2018, we still went well over the average rainfall the area usually receives.  We finished last year with 73.44 inches of rain while in 2018 we received 74.78 inches of rain. Our average rainfall is 58.39 inches for this area.

February was once again the month with the most rain with 16.31 inches over a total of ten days. In fact, 11.69 inches of that rain fell over a three day period causing flooding and washing out culverts all across the county.

The month with the the least amount of rain was September with a scant half an inch for those thirty days.

It rained twenty fewer days in 2019 with only 89 days measuring any kind of moisture for the area which is measured at the Pontotoc Communications building on Liberty Street in the city of Pontotoc. Other areas of the county may have received more rain than these totals reflect.  The rain is measured each morning before 8 a.m.

The rain report in inches for each month that was recorded includes: January with 6.61 inches; February with 16.31 inches; March with 3.19 inches; April with 9.06 inches; May with 6.07 inches; June with 8.39 inches; July with 2.93 inches; August with 2.06 inches; September with 0.51 inches; October with 6.49 inches; November with 3.91 inches and December with 7.91 inches.

We had twice as much rain in January this past year than in 2018 and three more inches in February. Both March and April exceeded last years totals while May and June remained at average, July had an average amount while August was drier. September of 2019 was exceptionally dry because the area received some 10 inches of rain in 2018 over that same month. The last three month of 2019 were wetter than 2018 by some two inches.

In January Pontotoc County sprinkled out a mere six inches of rain with only eight out of thirty-one days showing measurable moisture. Those days included: Jan. 1 with 0.78; Jan 2 with 0.25; Jan 3 with 1.05; and Jan. 4 with 9.38. it didn’t rain again until Jan 13 with 0.71 and Jan 17 with 0.12; the nineteenth saw us get 2.30 inches and on the twenty-third 1.02 inches fell giving us a total of 6.61 inches for the month.

February, the shortest month once again splashed the most rain from the sky with a total of 16.31 inches. The first five days were dry with 2.28 inches falling on the six day and then 1.14 inches on the twelfth day; a slight rain pattern set in beginning on the sixteenth with 0.16, the seventeenth with 0.19, the eighteenth with 0.63 and 0.12 falling on the nineteenth. A frog strangling rain set in over the three days of February 21-23 with a total of 11.69 inches of rain falling. The totals were 3.58 for the twenty-first; 5.16 for the twenty-second and 2.95 for the twenty-third. The month ended up with 0.10 on the twenty-eighth.

March decided to dry the county out with a scant more than three inches of rain for the 31 days of that month. On the first day 0.59 inches came down while on the third day 0.89 inches fell. The next rainfall came on the tenth with 0.31 and the twelfth with 0.18; the twenty-first saw us get 0.55 and the twenty fourth measured 0.34 in the rain gage. The month closed out with 0.33 on the thirty-first, giving us a total of 3.19 inches.

Eleven days of measurable rain fell in April with 1.77 inches on the fifth; 0.21 on the seventh, 0.94 on the eighth, 0.80 on the ninth. The twelfth gave us 0.20 and the thirteenth 0.29 wile we had 2.49 on the fourteenth. The next five days brought 1.52 on the sixteenth swell as he same amount on the nineteenth and 0.25 on the twentieth.  The last rain reported was on the sixteenth with 0.59 inches, giving us a total of 9.06 inches for the month.

May was primarily a dry month with only five days of rain and only three of those five with any meaningful measurable rain. Moisture from the sky measured at 0.06 on the sixth, 3.29 on the nineteenth, 0.88 on the tenth,1.77 on the nineteenth and 0.07 on the twenty-fourth. That left us with a grand total of 6.07 inches of rain.

June was also a dry month with only ten days out of thirty producing rain. The first measurable moisture was recorded on June 7 with 1.24 inches, the ninth we had 0.04, the thirteenth there was 1.00, the eighteenth we had 2.26, the twentieth 0.75 was measured, the twenty-second there was a scant 0.02 in the gage, the twenty-third measured 0.55, the twenty-fourth we had a good 1.46 inches of rain, the twenty eighth brought 0.47 and the thirtieth measured 0.60 inches. Still we did not break into the double digits for the month with only 8.39 inches of rain.

June was followed by a typical dry July with less than three inches of measurable rainfall and only seven days of any moisture at all being registered. July second saw 0.05 inches and the fourteenth also measured 0.05 while the fifteenth had 1.96, the sixteenth has 0.14, the seventeenth had 0.53, the twenty-first had 0.02 and rain ended in July on the twenty-third with 0.18 inches. The total for that month was 2.93 inches.

The skies were just as brass in the month of August with very little rain. The first came on the sixth with 0.53 inches and the eighth had 0.77 while the seventeenth had 0.32 and and the twenty-fourth had 0.05 with the last rain falling on the twenty-fifth with 0.39 inches leaving us with a total of 2.06 inches of rain.

September helped the rain gage even less with only two days of measurable rainfall. Those came on the thirteenth with 0.36 and the twenty-fourth with 0.15 leaving us with a scant 0.51 of rain for the entire month.

October was a little kinder but the rain was still sporadic with the first coming on the seventh with 1.09 inches, the twelfth saw 0.37 inches and the sixteenth with 0.13 inches. The next three doses of rain were on the twenty-second with 1.45, the twenty fifth with 0.09 and the twenty-sixth with 1.42. The month closed out with three more rains measuring 0.58 on the twenty-seventh, 0.44 on the thirtieth and 0.92 on the thirty-first. This still left us with only 6.49 inches of rain.

November was also a dry month with a scant four inches of rain. We broke the dryish spell on the eighth with only 0.15 inches while the next measure was on the twelfth with 0.42 and the thirteenth with 0.04. It was almost Thanksgiving before the next rain came with 1.90 on the twenty-third and 1.40 on the twenty seventh. This left us with a total of 3.91 inches.

December tried to make up for the loss of rain, but still there was less than eight inches in the final month of 2019. The month started with 2.15 inches on the first, 0.15 on the sixth, 0.96 on the seventh, 0.54 on the eleventh, 1.34 on the seventeenth, 0.95 on the twenty-second, 0.96 on the twenty-third, 0.10 on the twenty-eighth, 0.24 on the twenty-ninth with 0.52 as the last measurable rainfall coming in on the thirtieth. That left 7.91 inches all total in the gage for the final month of the year.

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