This year our trip beach trip was anything but normal other than we take the girls beach trip the first week in June each year.

We left on Saturday morning knowing we were driving into what had been downgraded from a Hurricane to a tropical storm.

We have grown to seven women, seven children and Gracie on our beach trip. I can’t quite find the place Gracie belongs. She is 16 and too old to be considered one of the children as the oldest in that group is eight and not quite an adult to be considered in the women.

I guess we have seven women, seven children and one teenager, but anyway you count it, we have a group of 15.

When we arrived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the wind was kicking up and we took the children out of the cars and put them on the beach. They got to spend a couple of hours playing on the beach and enjoying the waves.

We got unloaded at the house and we got to enjoy the pool even after the rain started into the evening.

Waking up on Sunday morning and finding that although the tropical storm was not so bad that we could not go somewhere, but was going to wash out any plans on the beach, we began to search somewhere to take the kids, because having seven children cooped up in a house all day was not going to be a pleasant experience for anyone.

We found a trampoline park that was inside. The children seemed to enjoy the trampolines and all the things they had to jump into and off of.

Monday morning the Mississippi Gulf Coast was going to continue to have heavy rain, so the decision was made to drive over to Orange Beach in Alabama to spend the day.

We found sunshine after a two- and half-hour drive. Enough sunshine that we had a couple of fair skinned ladies to get a little more sun than they planned.

It turned out to be a great trip enjoying the fellowship with each other and watching the children play.

We have always said that when we go on any trip, we always have an adventure. Spending a beach vacation in a tropical storm can now be checked off my bucket list.

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