I was on my way to New Albany last week, when I decided to stop in at the Shell Station to grab a drink for the drive. As I wheeled in front of the gas pumps, Mrs. Patsy Sullivan had finished pumping her gas and walked out into the parking lot at the time I was driving by. I stopped in plenty of time and it was not even a near miss, but I think it startled Mrs. Sullivan.

We had a laugh about it in the store, but if she only knew my track record, it might not have been as funny.

I have only hit two people and a couple of vehicles in my life, and all of them were going backwards. I have never hit anyone or anything going forward. Mrs. Sullivan was safe as I was moving forward when she came into my path.

I think, with the new-fangled devises on vehicles now, everyone and everything should be safe when I am in reverse.

I have always had two side mirrors and a rear-view mirror that for some reason did not make a difference with my vision as I backed up.

I now have a camera, and a beeper thingy that starts going crazy the closer I get to something.

I bet my Dad wished I had one of those when I backed into him. He like Mrs. Sullivan walked into my path, but unfortunately for my Dad, I was going backwards.

I am sure my Dad was yelling or perhaps as my vehicle got closer was banging on the trunk of the car. Things happen quickly and daddy walked between my car and the truck as I was backing up and when I saw him, I think I panicked and missed the brake and smashed him between the two vehicles. I’m not sure the beeper thing would have saved him that day.

I do think the beeper would have saved the truck that parked behind me in Houlka. It was me and maybe four other people parked around the entire square that morning when a truck decided to park in the middle of the street behind my vehicle. Why would you park behind the only vehicle parked on that side of the square when there were multi parking spaces available.

I wonder if these changes in vehicles with rear cameras and beepers were invented because I am not the only one that has backed into things and people.

I am glad I have a couple more aides to keep me from hitting something and especially people ever again.

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