The wind of the salty air tore at my hair as I listened to the seagulls ‘aaak-aaak-aaaak’ as they sailed in the clear blue sky above me.

My sister and my cousin Heather were standing ankle deep in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Pascagoula chatting.

When I waded in, I caught their conversation on the breeze.

“Daddy would bring us here every Saturday and we would spend the day at the beach. Back then you could build a fire, so we would go at the far end down there and play and build a fire and roast hot dogs. That was our routine.”

It was neat to stand there in that place of memories with my sister once more. 

We had planned this special weekend to run down and enjoy a weekend with our aunts to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade at Waveland. Although it was cancelled, we went anyway. No sense in wasting an already planned weekend getaway.

Early Friday morning we all met at Hardee’s and had breakfast then got on the road. By late afternoon we were checking into the hotel to take a little rest and then off to have an afternoon lunch.

By Saturday morning we were ready to go to this flea market that they have near by. I was looking forward to going there. It was neat to enjoy plundering outside under the open shelters. I went from booth to booth to see what folks had and listening to conversations.

I met this neat lady from Pearl River who sells Avon. We had a great conversation and learned from her how she survived all kinds of things in life. She was a true inspiration to me of someone who leans hard on Jesus.

I finally found the perfect thing to remember my trip by in the last booth. It was an old wind up clock. I have been looking for one for simply years and I was thrilled when I found it. I made sure it would wind and keep time and that the loud dinging alarm would sound off. It did. So I paid the fella the two dollars for my treasure and headed out to my family happy as a lark.

My sister and her husband and Jon were sitting under a shelter chatting with Aunt Sherry. After a bit we allowed as to how we needed to be going to Pascagoula and have lunch at Bozo’s.

But we left early enough to stop by the camp ground that Cindy Lou and Mike stay in while they are camping out in Gautier. The live oaks were in full bloom. I plucked me some more Spanish Moss to put on the oak tree with what is growing at my house. Cindy and I took a selfie under the tree and we had to head to lunch.

My Aunt Susi and Uncle Sam and cousin Heather and her husband Brian were waiting on us. We enjoyed a long lunch in a screened in porch with the delicious smells of crab boil and seafood in the air while this fella sang to us from the gazebo out behind us.

Now the men had crawfish. Something I’ve never been able to bring myself to eat. I like shrimp so I ate a shrimp taco. But the best thing on their menu was shrimp poppers. Little bits of shrimp cooked hushpuppy style with onions in cracker meal. Crunchy and delicious!

Anyway through the course of the meal Jon took pictures of the fun and sent them to my first cousin Darlene who lives in North Carolina. She is Aunt Sherry ’s daughter. It was neat that the enjoyable time could be spread to the east coast state.

Across the way the aunts and my sisters were taking pictures and talking. I just soaked it all in.

Toward the end of the meal my dear brother-in-law talked Jon into tasting a craw fish. He liked it. So he spent several minutes cracking shells and a eating the bit of meat out of the red crustacean.

After that we had to walk lunch off, which is why we wound up at the beach. I filled a water bottle with sand to remind me of the day.  The moments passed too quickly and we soon headed back west to Waveland for the night.

Sunday was travel home day. When I got back I hugged my dogs and cats and let the chickens out then unloaded my treasures from the car. It had been a great weekend, but I was ready to rest.

And as I was drifting off to sleep, the ticking clock reminded me of the minutes I’d spent on the shores beside the sea.

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