This is the last issue of our paper in 2019. As I looked back at a few things that has happened in 2019 it is somewhat staggering to see all the activity in Pontotoc.

The Gateway Pavilion was built this year and was used several times for its short existence. The Chamber Awards Dinner was held at the pavilion and proved to be a great venue for large gatherings.

A wedding reception was recently had at the pavilion and really showcased the way it can be transformed into a beautiful venue for anything from casual events to formal ones.

Nicky Browning retired in 2019 and did not seek re-election for the Senate seat. This is the first time in many years that we have not had a Senator from Pontotoc in Jackson.

The election in 2019 was a quite one. Many of our local offices had no opposition and only one office that was contested was lost by the incumbent.

Pontotoc loves it parades and we carried on with the annual parades with the 4th of July Parade, that is always fun for the entire family.

The Veterans Day Parade is one of my favorites each year. I am so proud of our town in the way we show the respect and appreciation for the service of our veterans.

Our retailers did not disappoint with events for shoppers. They held a Spring Open House and fashion show and the ever-popular Christmas Open House.

The LED lights have gone up around the tops of the buildings downtown. This has added so much to the beauty to the downtown area.

We had some tragic events in our furniture industry with the fires at Washington and American Furniture.

This is just a sampling of the things that has happened in 2019.

2019 was a good year for Pontotoc and our leaders continue to work to make Pontotoc a safe place to live and raise a family and continue to invest in our community to give us a place that businesses can prosper and our community be one that we can all be proud of.

I hope next year is filled with new adventures and prosperous opportunities for this wonderful town we call home.

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