The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted our entire society. The sports world is no different, as competition at all levels, from youth park and rec to professional leagues, has been non-existent since March due to the threat of viral spread that sporting event crowds represent. Schools in Pontotoc County and all over Mississippi let out for their annual spring break in March and never returned to classes, and accordingly high school sports never resumed as well.

That meant goals set by both teams and individuals did not have the chance to be realized. There was no chance at divisional, North Half or state championships. There was no opportunity to take home a medal at the state powerlifting or track meet. All the preparation and hard work came to naught. For some, a strong senior year might have meant the opportunity to play at the college level. Now they will never know. Fortunately underclassmen will have the opportunity to compete again next year, but for the 2019-20 senior class their final chance at high school competition is over, and with it the potential memories that would have been made over the past number of weeks.

We wanted to take the opportunity to give a special recognition to our county's senior spring sports athletes who had the final part of their of high school careers cut short due to the virus. Here are the seniors for each sport which had the remainder of its season suspended and ultimately canceled. NOTE: Only powerlifters who were still actively competing, having advanced through divisional and region meets, are included.


Baseball: West Sutton, Sam Dowdy, Hayes Malone, James Clay McGregor, Wes Steele, Camren Lassett and Jed Fitts

Softball: Belle Ross, Cadie Beth Gates and Karley Robbins

Tennis: Bo Haygood, Lillian Angle and Collin Crawson

Archery: Evan Funderburk, West Sutton, Gage Chism and Allyson Thomas

Powerlifting: Gage Chism, Hayes Malone and Brianna Galabiz

Golf: Jon Major Earnest


Baseball: Caleb Hobson, Peeko Townsend, Ross Mathews, Reed Emison, Ethan Carnes, Carsen Dallas, Miles Galloway, Whit Franklin and Austin Tzib (manager)

Softball: Abigail Anderson, Jadyn Spears, Randa Clair Payne and Gabby Golden

Tennis: Jaslyn Hopkins, Brianna Ball, Russell Moorman and John Metcalfe

Track and Field: Austin Nickson, Caleb Souter, Justin Farr, Tyjey Arnold, Ethan Hester, Michael Moore, Will Porter, Katie Munlin, Micahela Lopez, Sloan Sansing and Tierra Simmons

Archery: Abby Galloway, Paige Smith, D.J. Bean and Sol Diaz

Powerlifting: Arlareous Berry, D.J. Bean and Darian Souter

Golf: Jolan Mills


Baseball: Cade Jones, Paxton McCoy, Joshua Stuto and Hayden Billingsley

Softball: Leah Pennington

Tennis: Maddy Angle, Addi Smith and Marisela Martinez

Archery: Jackson Phillips, Gary "Bo" Griffin and Levi Litten

Powerlifting: Anna Foster, Leslie Canerdy and Kendal Houpt

Golf: Dawson Tutor and Madison Bagwell

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