Tuesday night was my last duty as the President of the Chamber of Commerce/Main Street Board of Directors.

I had the privilege of serving as the President of the Main Street Association when it was first formed. I got to be a part of the beginning of the Main Street program and merging of the Chamber of Commerce and the Main Street Association into one board.

It was such an honor to be a part of the beginning of such an important project as the Main Street Association and then the merging the two boards together.

After several years of not serving on the board, Ellen Russell called and asked if I would come back on the board and serve again.

I have to admit I missed being on the board and accepted with excitement.

At that time, I did not realize that Ellen would be retiring at the end of my term as President. She was the director the entire time I served.

As President of the board, I was tasked with forming an interview and hiring committee to find someone to replace Ellen.

This was not an easy task. Ellen left big shoes to fill, but we also got several very qualified candidates.

The largest challenge for the committee was selecting out of the many candidates we interviewed.

I believe we made an excellent choice with Beth Waldo to lead the Chamber of Commerce/Main Street going forward.

It has truly been an enjoyable experience that I am so happy that I was honored to be asked to serve.

If you have the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors for any organization, please take the opportunity to serve.

If you want to see our city and county grow and be a part of seeing the plans come together and help find ways to help, it will be such a blessing to you.

I have made many friends and learned so much through this experience that I would not have if it not for serving on this board of directors.

I know I will miss the meetings and the discussions we had each month, but it is time for the next group to lead and bring fresh, new ideas to the table.

Thank you to Ellen Russell for asking me to be a part of a wonderful journey.

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