A severe thunderstorm rolled through Pontotoc County between seven and eight o’clock last Sunday (May 9) night downing numerous trees in the northwest sector of the county, including Thaxton and Hurricane Communities, according to Emergency Services Manager Allen Bain.

At 8:05 p.m. Sunday Bain said that he had not gotten reports of any structure damage.

“We’ve got lots of reports of trees down but none on houses so far,” Bain reported. “We had a service line down in the Thaxton area served by Northeast Power. “

The storm swept into Pontotoc County out of Marshall County with winds reaching 60 to 70 mph, according to WTVA Weather.

“Most of the tree damage is in the Thaxton and Hurricane areas,” Bain said.

Second District Supervisor Mike McGregor said that trees were downed and blocking Wells Road, McGloflin Road, Sewell Road and Thaxton Road.

“We’re working on those trees, folks need to stay at home, be safe and let us get those roads cleared,” McGregor said around 8 p.m. On Monday, McGregor said some homes did have roof damage. 

Ecru Police Chief Matt Stringer said they had no reports of major damage or injuries. First District Supervisor Wayne Stokes said no major damage reported in his area.

Bain reported that in Pontotoc, Lana Street, Presidents Drive and Oak Grove Circle were blocked by fallen trees, but Pontotoc Firemen confirmed those trees had been cleared by 9 p.m.

Pontotoc Mayor Bob Peeples said numerous limbs were down in residents yards but no major damage reported thus far.

“That wind was rocking, but no injuries and no houses damaged,” Peeples said. “Some power was out but most of that is back on.”

PEPA Manager Frankie Moorman reported that crews were working to restore power.

“We had a circuit off on Coffee Street and at least two houses lost their meters from limb damage,” Moorman reported. “We had a pole broken on Oak Grove Circle but we’re working on that problem.”

“We had some scattered outages in the Cairo area and up in Union County. But we’ve been blessed again and not in too bad a shape. That’s two Sundays in a row.”

On Monday (May 10), Moorman said that power had been restored to almost all PEPA customers by noon. On Monday night a full damage assessment showed that approximately 2,097 PEPA customers had lost power in the storm. 

"Our guys worked all night, but around noon we had most everybody back on," Moorman said. "We may have a few still out where folks are discovering a meter problem caused by the storm."

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