Ecru Board of Aldermen approved a bid of $284,085 from AHS for the sewer project on Hwy. 15 North. David Long with Cook Coggins said that bids were opened in the recessed meeting on December 18, “and we reviewed them all and chose this firm. They are the same folks that did the project at Cairo so they are familiar with this area.”

Mike Nesbit gave the board some good news about collections in the town. “Rebecca is doing a good job with collections on privilege tax. Last year we collected some $1,700 and thus far she has collected some $3,700 this year. One thing we did differently this year is we sent a form with it that they had to fill out to re-file the privilege tax.”

Nesbit said water revenues are also coming in strong. “We are collecting $41,000 in revenues and billing some $42,000, so we are basically collecting what we are billing.”

Nesbit also asked the board to approve the purchase of the BBI court software at $5,200. “We built this into the budget last fall. It will interface and automatically transfer things for us to keep us from having to manually re-key information.”

Doctor Speck said since the item was already put into the budget there’s no reason not to go ahead and purchase it. The board approved the expenditure.

Water superintendent Mike Martin said the guys that work with him got the rope on the flag pole fixed, “and we are going to put the town flags back up tomorrow, since we have the Christmas decorations down. We have several other odd jobs we are going to get done while we have the lift truck.”

Mayor Smith said that they were going to clean the gutters in the front of the town hall building and do some more light replacing on that as well. In addition, the mayor said the board would see a few more small expenses that will be incurred on the next budget report in February “which will include the purchase of a new state flag.”

Policeman Ronnie Gowdy told the board they had the citations report before them so he didn’t call it out loud. He said that the department “helped 38 families at Christmas with food boxes, which was 10 more than at thanksgiving. He also told the board that with the new year they needed to pass a chemical ordinance similar to the one that is in the county banning the sale of bath salts and other substances like that in the convenience stores. He also said that since prohibition has been lifted in the state the town needs to have an open container ordinance prohibiting open containers of alcohol in a vehicle.”

The police report included 48 citations, one accident, 12 drug related incidents, five felony arrests and one DUI.

Dr. Speck told the board that work was coming right along with the M.B Mayfield house. “We are working with the folks from the state to get a 501c3 status as well as getting a marketing strategy going. They talked favorably that this could be put on the National Historical Registry.”

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