The Ecru board of aldermen awarded the sewer extension project bid to ASH Construction for $195,108.

Permission was also sought to approve a new billboard which would be located near First Choice Bank and Cow Creek Towing and the board approved that request.

Mayor Jeff Smith told the board that Alta Cell Tower is getting ready to build and he needs to be the authorized signer on documents concerning the start. The board approved the authorization.

Alta Towers is a phone tower that will be 325 to 350 feet in height that will cover the whole north side of the city. It is engineered to withstand 100-115 miles an hour wind and is also designed to collapse upon itself if it falls. Verizon is interested in being the first carrier on the tower, which will make that phone company at top.

The board also authorized Mike Nesbit to begin pursuing financing options on old loans/line of credit. 

“Was he wants to work out is a credit that would pay off the high interest loans which would turn into a line of credit for us,” said Mayor Smith.

In other business the board approved town clerk Mitzi Stokes to attend the winter coeducation workshop in Jackson this December as well as those from the board who wish to attend he 2020 MML Mid-Winer Conference in January, also in Jackson.

After some discussion he board approved for the town to acquire a credit card for travel and conference registrations only. “They ask for a card when we get ready to book rooms for these conferences,” noted town clerk Mitzi Stokes. “We have been putting it on our personal cards.”

The board set a $2,000 limit on the card and said that only the mayor and clerks may use it.

Water superintendent Mike Martin asked the board permission to accept a generator from the Forestry Service. “When the storm came through we didn’t have any power outages which was a miracle. These generators are like hens teeth and we have been offered this one at no cost except we have to put it under a covered shelter.”

The board accepted the generator and gave Martin permission to pursue what it takes to cover it, by bringing back bids to the board for the covering at the next board meeting.

Jeannie Thompson, who is the librarian at North Pontotoc explained to the Ecru board of aldermen that she and Alderwoman Gloria High are seeking to establish a welcome center and an M.B. Mayfield museum near the Tanglefoot Trail entrance.

“Once we get a few things in place there are multiple grants we can seek to get the museum up and running,” Thompson noted. “It will be a great asset to Ecru.”

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