Pontotoc County Superintendent of Education Brock Puckett said last Friday(Jan. 10) that the Pontotoc County Sheriff's Department is investigating an alleged hazing assault at South Pontotoc School.

Puckett said the alleged assault occurred just prior to the Christmas break in mid-December.

"When we first learned of the incident we immediately contacted the sheriff's department and Child Protective Services," Puckett said. "And we immediately contacted the parents of the students who were involved on both sides of the incident."

"The public must be mindful that because minor are involved we are very limited to any comments we can make on the incident. But the investigation is still ongoing."

Pontotoc County Sheriff Leo Mask said that his department, along with Child Protective Services (CPS), is conducting an investigation into any possible criminal charges in connection with the alleged incident.

"Our school resource officer at South Pontotoc, along with CPS personnel,  are handling the ongoing investigation and evidence and statements are being obtained," Sheriff Mask said. 

"Once that investigation has been completed we will present our findings to youth court or other proper authorities. I imagine our investigation is going to continue another couple of weeks," Mask said. 

On Saturday (Jan. 11) Superintendent Puckett issued the following statement concerning the incident and ongoing investigation.

“An incident occurred at a South Pontotoc High School basketball game before Christmas break. School administrators were notified during the break and began an immediate investigation into the allegations. Both law enforcement and Child Protective Services were notified.

"All parents with children involved in this incident have been involved since the very beginning of the allegations. As always, our main priority is the safety and security of our students. Due to the ongoing nature of this event and the involvement of minors, we will provide no further detail. However, all students are safe and secure, and encouraged, as always, to report any incident of harassment or bullying. We have and will continue to treat such matters with serious effort and intent," Puckett concluded.

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