PJHS claims second straight Traceway League title with 34-16 win over Amory


Future bright as 8th graders finish out junior high undefeated

By Kyle Robbins/Jonathan Wise

Although the 2013 season has not gone as planned for the Pontotoc varsity football team, there is a good reason to be encouraged about the future of the program with the young talent coming up through the ranks. Pontotoc Junior High School’s eighth grade squad captured the Traceway League Championship last Monday with a 34-16 win over Amory, scoring two late touchdowns to pull away in what was a close game most of the way. The victory closed out a second consecutive undefeated season for the Warrior squad, and it gave Pontotoc its second straight Traceway title, as last year’s eighth grade team won it as well.

“These kids have never lost a football game,” said coach Pat Davis. “They went 8-0 as seventh graders and 8-0 as eighth graders. It was a great game. I can’t mention any kids’ names or I’d leave somebody out.

“It was a team effort. They all played hard, and I am proud every one of them and all the coaches.”

As these classes (including last year’s team) will form the core of future Pontotoc teams, both Davis and PHS head coach Scott Brown are very optimistic about the years to come.

“The eighth grade team won Traceway last year, and now this team has won it,” Brown said. “Obviously, it is going to be a good influx of players. They’re also dedicated players. They work hard, and obviously we think that bodes well for the future at the high school.”

“I’ve told these kids if they’ll stay together and keep plugging along, with that group we had last year-that’s back to back Traceways, they’ll have a great team down the road,” Davis said. “The kids are playing hard on the high school team right now, but we just have to keep getting our numbers up.

“We want to help coach Brown, that high school staff and Pontotoc High all we can by trying to have a quality junior high program.

“I feel we have done that and winning this game tonight proves it.”

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