This is Spring Break week and after a beautiful weekend I have got a bad case of Spring Fever.

Spring Break weeks means different things to different age groups.

My son and daughter-in-law are planning a few days off to do something with the kids. I remember, I always planned a couple of vacation days during spring break so we could do something.

My Spring Break week these days is to work on some type of project that I just don’t do in the winter months.

The weekend gave us a little taste of spring to come with warm sunshiny days and we sprang forward on Sunday morning to give us a couple of hours of daylight after we get home from work.

This is the time of the year, I want to take on projects. I have the idea that I can build an outdoor sofa. I found the plans on Pinterest and it seems simple enough. It has pictures and dimensions of each board with detailed instructions, what could go wrong.

I have a dressing table that I want to refinish. That is a simple straight forward project. I feel confident in being able to execute that project.

I always want to start digging in the dirt and planting flowers and have dreams of an herb garden. I need to curtail my enthusiasm of planting and remember that I need low maintenance flower beds.

I love to plant things in the spring, but I am not so good at taking care of the flower beds in the heat of the summer. My best plan is extremely low maintenance plants.

That warm sunshine over the weekend gave me a bit of spring fever. I am ready to air out the camper that has been closed up all winter, freshen the linens and get it ready to go camping.

I love spring and all the new that it brings with it.

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