Water Department Supt. Mike Martin said that signs have been stolen from the Ecru community. “We had someone come through and steal stop signs and street signs. Wayne Stokes [first district supervisor] found several of them in a gully. If you see a sign missing please let us know.” Martin said not only Ecru was hit with the vandals but “Wayne had a bunch stolen from the first district.”

He also reported the 800 radio read water meters are now set. “About 20 people that did not get water bills before are now paying. We also went about $27 thousand over our original estimate because some of the pipes to the meters were larger than we expected, even a quarter of an inch difference in size means more cost. Eubanks has done a wonderful job, they did not charge over in labor only in cost of the meter.” 

The board also voted to sign a two year contract with Nathan Stubblefield for the mowing and the upkeep of the park which included mowing at Pannell Park.

“Nobody came close to his bid,” said Jason Horton with the park committee. In addition to Stubblefield, whose bid was $225 each time; Teresa’s Lawn Care put in a bid to mow at $450 each time.

“Our specs this time was for them to mow every week,” Horton noted. “Because if we have a lot of rain, we want to make sure we stay on top of it.”

Horton also asked the board if they could put two more people on the committee. “We need help once all this gets up and going.” The board approved.

In other business the aldermen granted a building permit request to the following people: Anthony Williams for a garage/metal building at 116 Central Avenue; JESCO for a guard shack building at Ashley Furniture; Donald Andrews to locate a metal storage container off of Highland Avenue (Andrews recused himself from the vote); and Emily Stout and Hannah Smith were permitted to locate a salon/boutique on Highway 15 north of First Choice Bank.

The board also approved a fair housing proclamation, “This is in accordance with our CDBG grant for our extension on Johnson Bend,” Mayor Smith said.

The board also officially approved the lease agreement between the Town of Ecru and Alta Towers. In the March board meeting, Jason Lilllo with Alta Towers explained some of the specifics. “It will be a 325 to 350 foot in height tower that will cover the whole north side of the city. It is engineered to withstand 100-115 miles an hour wind and is also designed to collapse upon itself if it falls.”

Lillo indicated that Verizon is interested in being the first carrier on the tower, which will make that phone company at top. “And once you build a tower this high, others will want to rent it as well.”

Mike Nesbit, with the cemetery committee asked the board to allow them to buy some more mats that will be used to keep from tracking up the cemetery when setting graves. “We got some several months ago and they work well.” The mats are necessary with all the rain that has fallen. Nesbit said the total cost of them will be some $1,000, “and we do have the funds to cover this.” The board approved purchase.

Police chief Matt Stringer said his officer Will Van Corder did complete his certification “and graduated top of his class.” He also told the board that the food pantry will be built soon in the police station.

“Friendship Baptist Church is interested in helping us keep it stocked,” he noted.

The town of Ecru is also looking to pass a nuisance ordinance and will have a hearing on it before the next board meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7. “I want as many people to see it before we have the hearing,” noted Mayor Smith.

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