Hello from our Sunshine Family!

We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Valentine’s Day! We sure enjoyed our time around here the absolute best that we knew how to do!

Monday we enjoyed a meet and greet with our friends and caught up from the past weekend. We also shared memories and things we had did that we thought were worthy of sharing. Monday afternoon we did Valentine’s Day brain teasers edition and the answers were very interesting.

Tuesday we did hallway exercise and got our bodies moving and our hearts pumping. Tuesday afternoon we painted cupcake canvases.

Wednesday we enjoyed devotional stories and in the afternoon Mrs. Janet sang for us in the hallway. Kayla and I also shared Valentine’s snacks with the residents and staff members.

Thursday we made Valentine’s door hanger for our rooms and enjoyed our ice cream truck coming by for a visit and a delicious treat.

Friday was manicure and pampering day and Mr. Hester played the piano in the afternoon for us to enjoy. We also took Valentine’s Day advice pictures and if you would like to see those, head on over to our Facebook page and take a look.

Saturday Valentine’s Day packets were passed out and Sunday was Valentine’s Day devotional and a snack to go with it. Overall we have had an excellent week and are looking forward to a great week next week as well!

Thank you to Mrs. Lori Johnson and her 5th grade students for the sweet cards you made. The cursive and calligraphy letters were impressive and we enjoyed sharing them with our sweet residents. Also, a thank you to Doris Comphere Group of First Baptist Church in Pontotoc for the delicious snacks and sweet card for Valentine’s.

Today’s Quote:

“It’s not what we have in our life, BUT who we have in our lives that matters.”

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