Greetings from Sunshine Healthcare:

We are excited to start a new week. We are closing in on the end of April and are beginning to look for fun and exciting activities for May. We are anxious to share with everyone what we come up with. Let us tell you a little about our week.

Monday, we began our morning with devotion and prayer. Adding this to our weekly calendar twice a week has been a major asset. Monday afternoon, we enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat. Tuesday, we began the morning by getting our blood pumping with hallway exercise and music. Tuesday afternoon, we painted flowerpots while enjoying chatting with one another. Wednesday morning, we had hallway devotionals and prayer. Our topic was “Set A Goal To Enjoy Every Part of Your Day”. Wednesday afternoon, we sang in the hallways as Mr. Hester played the piano. Thursday morning, we enjoyed a fun game of snack bingo. Thursday afternoon, Stephanie Nichols from Homecare Hospice came and we potted plants in our flower pots that we painted earlier in the week. Friday was manicure day. We had a great time socializing with one another. Friday afternoon, the ice cream truck made its way through the halls and brought smiles to many faces. Saturday, fun packets were passed out. The packets included word search, word scramble, coloring pages, fun mazes, crossword puzzles, and pattern games. Sunday, devotional sheets were passed out to the residents. We here at Sunshine really enjoy being able to share all of our exciting news with you. To learn more about what we do from day to day here at Sunshine Healthcare, you can also like our Sunshine Healthcare Page on Facebook. Indoor visits are taking place. Be sure to call and schedule an appointment to see your loved ones or if you have any questions regarding visitations. We hope that you all continue to have a blessed week!

Today’s Quote:

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

-Jeremiah Say

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