Greetings from Sunshine Healthcare:

We are excited to start a new week. After an eventful and exciting week of celebrating National Nursing Home Week, we hope to find everyone having a great week. There were so many smiles and so much laughter throughout the building. There were decorations for each themed day. This was such a distraction and a breath of fresh air from all of the craziness we have experienced within the past year. Let us tell you a little about our week.

Monday was Superhero Day. We began our morning with devotion and prayer. Monday afternoon, we enjoyed a fun game of superhero bingo. This was a new and fun game.

Tuesday was TWINKIE (TWIN) day. It was fun to see all of the staff members and residents dressed as twins. We began the morning by getting our blood pumping with hallway exercise and music. Tuesday afternoon, we enjoyed a sweet treat social. We had various flavors of Twinkies and cold Yoo-hoo chocolate drinks to wash them down.

Wednesday was Wild Wild West Wednesday. We began the day with a competitive game of Horseshoes. Ms. Branch was our top winner for the day. Ms. Ledbetter and Ms. Estella were our runner-ups. Wednesday afternoon, we enjoyed a western in the sunroom.

Thursday was Hawaiian day. It was a Honolulu good time. We began the morning with devotion. Our topic was, “God Works All Things Out for Our Good.” Thursday afternoon, we danced to Hawaiian tunes and enjoyed refreshing snow cones.

Friday was SPORTS day. We had a great time. It was exciting to see everyone with their favorite team attire on. We played a wild and fun game of mini basketball. This was also a new game. Our First place scorer was Ms. Branch, our second-place scorer was Ms. Barrett, and our third place scorer was Ms. Ledbetter. We are ALL winners here at Sunshine. Friday afternoon, we settled down as we finished the week of celebration by listening to Mr. Hester play calming tunes on the piano.

Saturday morning, we enjoyed a game of snack bingo with Sarah. Sunday, devotional sheets were passed out to the residents. We here at Sunshine really enjoy being able to share all of our exciting news with you. To learn more about what we do from day to day here at Sunshine Healthcare, you can also like our Sunshine Healthcare Page on Facebook. Indoor visits are taking place. Be sure to call and schedule an appointment to see your loved ones or if you have any questions regarding visitations. We hope that you all continue to have a blessed week!

Today’s Quote:

“Trust yourself; you know more than you think you do.”

-Benjamin Spock

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