Well Hello from Sunshine…

You can always call and check on your sweet family member if you need to and if you need to talk to them or face time and see them, we can arrange that as well. We ask that you do not come up to the facility to walk around the building to your resident’s room, please. We do not want you falling or getting hurt or something happening while you are here, it is just safer that way. We hope you all understand why we are taking these precautions. 

Monday we had exercise, devotion, and prayer for all the residents who wanted to participate. Monday afternoon we played “The Price is Right” in the hallway and the AITs even helped us out.

Tuesday I hosted hallway Resident’s Council for all residents who wanted to participate and that went well. Tuesday afternoon we played quarter tic-tac-toe and I passed out $10.00 worth of quarters.

Wednesday we had devotion, exercise, and prayer again. There is just something about cranking the music up loud and dancing our hearts out together. It gets out blood pumping and also puts a smile on everyone’s face.  I also passed out Pontotoc Progress papers to all those who wanted a paper for the week. Wednesday afternoon staff members took residents outside on the patio.

Thursday we played snack bingo with lots of delicious snacks to win.

Friday was fingernail day and also a day to relax and do whatever you wanted to do. Some people work on word puzzles, some people color, and some people watch TV, and others take evening naps.

Saturday I brought ice cream cake and sodas to enjoy on the patio for all of our April birthdays. We spent time outside reminiscing, singing Happy Birthday, and waving at the cars. 

Happy Birthday in April to Ms. Ruth Phillips (5), Ms. Sarah Jordan (8), Mr. Bobby Taylor (20), and Ms. Mary Tackett (29). We hope it is the best one yet!

The residents have asked that I also add in the paper if you see us sitting outside on the patio to come by and honk your horn at us. We enjoy counting to see how many people blow at us. Whether you are a big truck, car, truck, or any other type of vehicle we want you to participate. 

If you would like to call or face time your loved one, you can contact me at 489-1189 and my extension is 247. If I am not in my office leave me a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible. 

Today’s Quote:

“Only focus on things that will bring joy and happiness for you and others.”

A.D Largie

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