Greetings from Sunshine Healthcare:

Winter is in full force here in Pontotoc, MS. We thought we had passed winter by and was moving to warmer weather and the MS weather fooled us yet again. We are making the best of the days we have and staying busy as usual.

Monday we played snack bingo and the afternoon we played penny pitch and brain teasers. Our penny pitch game became competitive and we were playing our best to be the winner. The score was as followed: Mr. Stokes-337, Ms. Wages-232, Mr. White-220, Ms. Moore-200, Ms. Brown-173, Ms. Ledbetter-150, Ms. Shelton-109, and Ms. Libby-105. No doubt it was a tough game and we had so much fun playing it.

Tuesday we played a game of tic-tac-toe, basketball basketball, and a game of Pictionary. Wednesday was National Bagel day, therefore we had to celebrate by eating bagels with strawberry cream cheese spread. We also shared interesting facts about bagels too. Wednesday afternoon we watched a movie in the lobby.

Thursday we played hangman and that game got interesting as well. Ms. Ledbetter won 4 rounds and Mr. Stokes won 1 round. The funny thing about that game is I (Krissy) did the last puzzle and no one could figure out the puzzle before they hung their man. The puzzle was “Peace Out Dudes” and it was nowhere near solved when the game ended. Some days the puzzles are harder than other days and that is what makes us think extra hard.

Thursday afternoon we played dollar bingo and our winners were: Ms. Adair, Ms. King, Ms. Bogue, Ms. Ledbetter, Mr. Taylor, Ms. Lackey, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Shelton, and Ms. Moore. We always are looking to have a fun time and if we laugh nearly the whole time, then we have accomplished something great. Thursday after bingo the residents all sat together and conversated and played Pictionary while the employees had a mandatory in-service in the dining room.

Friday was manicure day and the afternoon consisted of playing dominoes, coloring, playing cards, and whatever else we could get into. Friday afternoons we rest and get ready for a busy weekend and another busy week.

Saturday we watched TV land, enjoyed having Pontotoc Apostolic, and Hurricane Baptist Church visit us. Sunday we had Sunday school, McGregor Chapel, Horton Memorial Church, and Highway 15 Church of Christ all come and visit with us and spend time with us.

Today’s Quote: “We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just thought we were having fun.” –Author Unknown

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