Greetings from Sunshine Healthcare:

We are excited to start a new week. We are also excited to be adventuring into another month. June has arrived and summer isn’t far behind. Let us tell you a little about our week.

Monday was Memorial Day, and we hope that each and every one of you had a very blessed day. Memorial Day packets were handed out to each resident. The packets included facts about Memorial Day, word searches, word scrambles, maze puzzles, coloring pages, and pictures of Memorial Day celebrations around the world.

Tuesday, We began the morning by getting our blood pumping with hallway exercise and music. Tuesday afternoon, we enjoyed a day out on the patio, while having sweet and refreshing snow cones.

Watermelon was the top flavor of the day. Wednesday, we began the day with devotion and prayer. The topic was, “Take Time to Listen to God.” This message was a reminder that we all needed. Wednesday afternoon, we played a competitive game of mini basketball. Our top winner for the day was Mable Taylor with 140 points. This is a new game that was introduced during nursing home week, and it has become a hit .

Thursday, we began the morning by playing a game called word association. This also is a new game and it challenged the residents to dig deep and think. Thursday afternoon, we gathered in the sunroom to watch Let’s Make A Deal. Several residents made the right choice and chose the BIG DEAL OF THE DAY.

Friday was manicure day. The ladies filled the sunroom to get pampered and enjoyed socializing with one another. Mauve was the popular color for that day. Friday afternoon, we settled down by listening to Mr. Hester play calming tunes on the piano. There was a lot of foot tapping and singing in the sunroom.

Saturday morning, the residents enjoyed a fun game of snack bingo with Kayla. Moon pies were the favorite snack for the day. Sunday, devotional sheets were passed out to the residents.

We here at Sunshine really enjoy being able to share all of our exciting news with you. To learn more about what we do from day to day here at Sunshine Healthcare, you can also like our Sunshine Healthcare Page on Facebook. Indoor visits are taking place. Be sure to call and schedule an appointment to see your loved ones or if you have any questions regarding visitations. We hope that you all continue to have a blessed week!

Today’s Quote:

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis

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