Hello from our Sunshine family to your family.

What an awesome fun filled week we have had! There has been a lot going on and many visitors entertaining us s well.

Monday we played bingo and made a newspaper shark craft. We took newspapers and cut a shark out of them and each person had the opportunity to name their shark. Some people had unique names that even made us giggle a little. In the afternoon the Jehovah’s Witness came and taught a Bible study and we enjoyed them.

Tuesday we had Ingomar Baptist Church com by and sing and give us a devotion. We enjoy their enthusiasm and their joy that they have fo being with us. They also brought us a basket that had apples, bananas, cheese nabs applesauce, cookies and candy that we enjoyed eating in the afternoon. We played tic-tac-toe in the afternoon as well.

Wednesday was our monthly penny auction and boy do we enjoy this day. We look forward to counting our pennies and buying the things that perk our interest. Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Lajuanna Harrison came by for a visit and played the piano for us. After she left the Sunshine Choir practiced and sang for almost two hours. The music and singing is getting better by the week. Wednesday night we had the Hobo High-Steppers come by and dance all over the lobby for over an hour. 

The residents and staff members even got involved in danced with them. There were so many smiles and laughs. It was an over all great afternoon. Pictures from the event can be found out our Facebook page.

Thursday we played bingo in the dining room, read our brain teaser questions and the afternoon consisted of Mr. Jerry Horton coming by for a visit to preach us a sermon. WE enjoy him coming and taking the time to be with us throughout the month.

Friday was manicures and conversations and Friday afternoon Elvis came and sang and danced in the lobby. People were singing, dancing and smiling.

Saturday the residents enjoyed the ice cream social hosted by Sunshine employees and the dietary department.

Sunday was Sunday School and the Hudson family came and sang for us. We always look forward to all of our volunteers coming and being with us. Thank you very much for all you do.

Congratulations to Melissa Montgomery for being our August employee of the month.

Quote of the week: “My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.” -Wayne Dyer

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