Hey friends, remember me?

I used to write the Sunshine News. I'm now happy to report on a new interest and hope you enjoy hearing about it.

Raise your hand if you did not know that Pontotoc has a community theater. Raise it even higher if you do not even know what a community theater is.

OK, thanks for being a good sport and admitting it. So stay tuned and I will explain what I'm talking about.

The Main, is a community theater that serves Pontotoc county and the surrounding area. Actually it is for anyone who wishes to participate. There is a set of guidelines to follow and adhere to and most people who are interested enough to check us out can and will find this acceptable and a great thing to be connected to or associated with.

The PCT, (Pontotoc Community Theater ) is a non profit organization that helps promote the Fine Arts . It normally puts on four plays a year. All proceeds after royalties go toward building payment, utilities, insurance and of course....... repairs.

It serves actors both seasoned or newbees who wish to add to, define or improve their acting skills, stretch their imagination, participate in make believe, make a mark on the world, display their emotions and show off their talents.

This also allows you to forget your cares if only for a short time. Each set of cast members bond as a family unit and learn to work together during the strenuous practice sessions before each production.

This also teaches discipline, time management, versitility, public speaking, memorization, character building and expressing talents.

Each actor participates voluntarily, pays for their own script, provides their own costume and props and assumes the role they are assigned to.

An agreement is signed saying they will a abide by the rules, commit script to memory, be at rehearsals on time accept direction/ constructive critism and show pride in the theater.

Age is a key in some plays and parental permission is a must for younger actors.

So you guys know who you are and if interested in this, please contact me by text at 419-2831 or just message me on Facebook.

The next play will be produced by Randy Sanders and Jennifer Wright.

Auditions were held last week for the next production and the cast is yet to be completed so come out to practice and see what's still available.

The play will be presented to the public on March 13 and 14 and is called

#Hashtag Romeo by Jonathon Yukich from Pioneer Drama. It is set in the USA and references rival schools and their soccer teams.

This is a modern day Romeo and Juliet, with the cast members being ages 12 and up . 14 characters in the play with a few extras needed for other jobs.

Please consider taking part and help spread the word.

For my writing part, some months I plan to do a feature story on actors who grew up with the theater and profile them to share their story with all my readers. Several have gone on to careers that promote their love for the theater.

Until next time. That's a wrap.

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