As we are entering our fifth month of a global pandemic, my thoughts went to what have we learned in this time and how we live our lives differently.

  1. We can operate business in a different way, using technology to hold meetings rather than gather in groups.
  2. A lot of people can work from home. Although this might not be ideal, we did figure out how to make it work.
  3. We don’t have to go inside the bank to do business, but if you want a home loan, I hear that process is taking much longer these days.
  4. We have a different method of worshiping and going to church. Many churches are finding ways to still bring us together, but keep us safe at the same time with parking lot services, in-house services with mask being required entering and leaving the church and distancing between family groups.
  5. We can support our local businesses as they somewhat re-invent our shopping experience with online fashion shows and curbside pick-up, while opening their doors for those who want to shop in our traditional manner.
  6. We can support our local restaurants with curbside pick-up. Many have opened their restaurants for dinning and are helping by keeping capacity down to distance people inside.
  7. We can stay at home with our families.
  8. We have learned that a lot of technology was in place to help us during this time that we have never had a need to use.

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but some of this scare me a little. We are turning into a virtual world from our shopping to our banking. We are isolating ourselves from our neighbors.

We are staying out of God’s house to worship.

I do realize that we have to be careful not to spread a virus and we all must protect ourselves and others.

I just wonder what the long-term effects will be from what we have learned in these past five months

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