Mums are easy to keep and add bright color to your landscape and fall table.

The Toccopola Homemakers met for their regular monthly meeting on Monday afternoon, September 27, at the Toccopola Community Center. The meeting was called to order by the President, Margie Douglas. The devotion was given by Harley Ann Thorne, from Jesus Always, Faith Looks Up, using Psalms 145:8-9; Ephesians 2:8; Lamentations 3:22-23 and Romans 8:1. Margaret Ratliff lead in prayer.

Roll was called and volunteer hours collected. There were 11 members and 1 visitor present. We welcome new members: Laura Bland and Ashley Houpt and also our visitor, Linda Houpt. Margaret Ratliff read the minutes from the August meeting, which were passed and approved. Each member paid dues for the coming year.

The Garden Report was given by Pat Williams on Keeping Mums Blooming all Fall.

Some of the suggestions were: water but do not overwater, fertilize in spring and summer, mulch matters, cut back old stems and pinch the tops to make more blooms. Of course, Mrs. Williams told how to do this, also. Mums are beautiful flowers.

The Environmental Report was given by Harley Ann Thorne, on Scientist Train Cows on Where to Urinate. Turns out cows can be trained as easily as toddlers, maybe easier. Her report told how this is done and why. They have discovered that large amounts of urine waste is a serious environmental issue. It was a surprising subject, but interesting

The business of the month included the council meeting on October 6, when new officers will be elected, a discussion on donations, and the angel tree for December.

The activity for the month was bingo, Harley Ann Thorne was the caller. Everyone came with a gift, and to make it more interesting we played dirty bingo, but could only change hands one time. We had fun doing this and lots of laughter, which everyone needs right now.

The meeting was adjourned to meet again on October 25 at 2:00. The Toccopola Homemakers meet on the fourth Monday of each month the Toccopola Community Center at 2:00, we welcome visitors and new members. Come and join us.

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