Greeting from Toccopola!

Happy Birthday wishes to Amy Chrestman 6-15 and Hughie Gene James 6-19.  Happy Anniversary wishes to Brion and Kelly Whitten June 19.

There were around seventy-five classmates and spouses that attended the Toccopola School Reunion 

Saturday at the Toccopola Community Center.  Everyone had a wonderful time reminiscing.  The following was told by Lamar “Pick” Pickens.   “Reflections”….Growing up and growing old in Toccopola; my first memory of Toccopola was on July fourth 1944.  I was five years old. The merchants pooled their money and put up a heavily greased pole that was smaller at the top and as slick as could be.  There was money at intervals up the pole and $25 on the top.  I couldn’t even get to the $1 bill.  I did however get mighty greasy and dirty trying.  Roland Ransom got the one dollar bill and Elbert Winters got the $25. They also turned a greased pig loose but I can’t remember who caught it, if anybody did.  In 1944 twenty five dollars was several days’ wages for most.  The merchants at this time were J.D. Pickens, Nedom Dillard, Carlo Gooch, Elbert Carpenter, Dr. Reed, Romer Sledge; Loyd Aaron in the blacksmith shop, Rush Johnson ran the cotton gin (in with the help of John Sharp White for a rest).  Egbert Stewart had a T.V. repair shop.  The next year 1945 saw the end of W.W. II.  I remember everybody in Toccopola either getting in or on top of a school bus.  Some of the older boys got the American flag from the Baptist Church and the big bell from in front of the school.  They put the flag and bell on the top of the bus.  They helped me up on top with them and I was really thrilled.  We rode to Pontotoc and were joined by several other communities riding around and around the square ringing the bell, blowing the horn and shouting as loud as we could.  This was one of the best times of my life…right up there with getting to meet Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower.  When I was living in Augusta, GA, I met him at Augusta National where he was playing golf. Tune in later for more on Growing up and growing old in Toccopola with Lamar Pickens….A big thank you to Sam McGlawn for the delicious food, all who made desserts, and a special thanks to Deborah Wendler and Hope Herren for taking photos of everyone and showing slide shows of previous reunions and thanks to Harley Ann Thorne for decorating the food table and drink table in their school colors black and gold. What a wonderful fun day in Toccopola!!! 

The family of Jeff Herren celebrated his birthday at his home this week-end. Everyone had a great time of fellowship and left full and tired.

Those from the Toccopola MHV Club who attended the council meeting and 100th year celebration of Homemakers at the extension office on Wednesday, June 5 were: Pat Williams, Zeda Woods, Margaret Ratliff, Harley Ann Thorne, Mary Frances Stepp and Margie Douglas.  The meeting was called to order by the President, Linda Deaton. Margie Douglas gave the devotion and led in prayer.  The roll was called and minutes read by Mary Frances Stepp. The order of business included:  Committee Reports, update on the Flea Market and a report from State Council.   Harley Ann Thorne received a rosette for her picture and Mary Frances Stepp received first place for her health report book at State Council.  The Pontotoc County Fair is August 10-17.  After the business of the meeting the 100 year celebration began.  There were many special guests in attendance for this celebration; there was a pot luck luncheon and cake.  

Gary Wilson and friend, Michelle visited Billy and Brenda Berry Sunday.  They enjoyed a great lunch and visit together.

Great grandson, Raylon VanWinkle spent two days with his grandparents, Donald and Margie Douglas this past week.  He had lots of fun playing ball, watching cartoons, taking walks, and helping granddaddy in the yard.  Margie said a great time of making memories.

Visiting Nicky and Faith Brewer last week were her son, Allen Steward from Glasgow, Kentucky and her friend Joyce Barnett from Murfreesboro, TN. All of us at Pine Bluff Church of Christ enjoyed them visiting at Bible study Wednesday night and Worship Services Sunday morning.

Visiting Ben and Margaret Ratliff Tuesday afternoon was Clyde and Annette Mize from Guntown.

Tim and Peggy White’s guest this past Saturday were John and Barbara Foster from Somerville, TN, Knox White from Olive Branch, John and Mary Lee White from Birmingham, AL, Margie White, Susie Jobe from Pontotoc and Gilda Merriman from Sardis, MS.  Knox and Mary were up for the Toccopola School Reunion.  Everyone had a good visit.

The descendants of Joe and Eunice Bramlett held their reunion at the Toccopola Community Center this past Sunday. Some of the families of Harvey and Elaine Bland, Fay and Mae Long, Jack and Lona Bramlett and Hoyte and Bernice Sanders were there for food, fun and fellowship during the afternoon.

This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Have a great week!

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