Vacation time is good for everyone, but I had one of my best vacations this year.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor to go to the beach with my dad. He enjoyed seeing the beach and eating at the restaurants on the coast and even tried food that he had never had before.

This past week I got to go back to the beach with my son and his family. What a wonderful time I had with my family.

Watching the grandchildren build sand castles with their dad, just to tear them down was great.

My grandson Sawyer loves the water. I think he took that after me and his dad.

I have always enjoyed the water, didn’t matter if it was the ocean, a lake or a swimming pool, if there was water around, I wanted in it and that has not changed.

Sawyer loves it just as much as I do. We spend hours sitting at the edge of the water letting the waves wash over us and gathering sea shells. He came home with a bucket full of shells that he plans on putting in his aquarium for his fish to enjoy.

Millie is only two and I think she is going to be just as big a fan as Sawyer and I are.

She was not afraid to go out into the ocean with me and loved for me to hold her arms and let her legs extend out and me pull her around in the water.

Once we hit the swimming pool and put her floats around her and on her arms, she was kicking and paddling all around the pool.

Two trips to the beach two weeks apart you would think would be enough, but no I am going back in about three weeks.

I typically take one beach trip a year, but this year I will have three trips in two months.

I really could be a beach bum.

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